This little piggy went to pieces


I was inspired by a wooden cow I saw online and designed this pig puzzle for a FFA (Future Farmers of America) charity auction. For all the material and time it took, I should have just donated the money as I’m sure I spent more to figure it out than it’ll bring in lol. At least I have a pattern down the next one will be much easier I’m sure. (Bovine version in the works.)

Oh, if you find matte black acrylic, get it. This stuff is so beautiful and much easier to glue that the shiny stuff. :slight_smile:


That’s really cute. Now I want some bacon… >.<


After doing this puzzle, I know just where to find some too :stuck_out_tongue: :pig:


Great idea! (I think I’ll have some for breakfast now.) :smile:
(I meant the design, not the bacon, although the bacon still sounds good!)


What an incredibly cool puzzle! I love how it’s customized for the occasion. Well done!


That’s really cool!


This is super awesome! I’m glad you gave your inspiration in the post. I usually wonder “what inspired this creation” when I’m looking at peoples work on this forum


What an awesome donation of time and art work! (Remembering a good friend’s brother belonged to FFA when I was a teen … great organization!)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh … I’m thinking matte black acrylic might be nice for a set of cats.


Some of the stuff I’ve been making/designing, I think “This would be cool with ‘insert color’ acrylic!”. The use of multiple colors for the puzzle is inspiring. Love your signature. Nice touch.


I think the cats would look really good in the matte acrylic. You could do one in black and one in white :blush:


Awesome! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen matte black acrylic. I like it.


Me too, especially since it doesn’t show all my fingerprints and every tiny speck of glue.


Very clever and will be a hit, I’m sure. Although the design does leave out a couple parts that I use probably more than anything. Shanks and hocks and jowl. Smoked hocks for bean soup is just so amazing. Jowl works so well in German potato salad since it holds up a bit better than bacon. And then there is snout. Had some snout tacos in Mexico back in February. Not my usual taste, but when in Rome.



Maybe I’ll skip the snout, though.


That could be done also with “yum, delicious, etc”. Ha!


That’s funny as my original puzzle had the shanks, hocks and jowl, but it just got to be to much. The design got much easier when I did away with them lol. Ham hocks and beans are about my favorite food and I make a damn fine version of it if I do say so my self. I love the hocks, but I don;t like all the extra fat in the beans. I skin the hocks, cut out the good bits of meat and then cube up the smokey skin and toss out the fatty bone. I also throw in a less fatty shank w/bone as well along with lots of celery seed and lemon juice, yum! Oh man, now I just talked myself into making beans this weekend :woman_cook:


Soon the tundra will be frozen and everything beyond the backdoor is a walk-in freezer aka the easiest way to remove fat from a hearty soup.