This time it’s a memorial box


Yes yes I know, a stack of envelopes isn’t there most ideal for lifting thicker things back into laser range but the good news is that there’s also a piece of acrylic between them and the envelopes. Tile holds up the jig on two sides and the rear. Maybe the marks work or they don’t. Sitting directly under the lid cam helps get the middle box aligned and the rest I can trust is in place due to the jig.

Usually my buddy does these as collections of stories to pass down from someone still living but the family got him to put together the memorial and associated memory videos and such into one place.


There is a post in the free catagory that I highly recommend, it’s 3D printed risers for this very thing. I had a friend make me a set and they have been extremely valuable


Thanks for the mention there! Admittedly I did this after years of using scraps of draft board and/or acrylic stacked up (after years of facing my wife’s accusation of being a hoarder as I saved all those tiny scraps :roll_eyes: - although in fairness that is coming from a woman who has a collection of “interesting kidney/bladder stones I have removed in the OR” in jars near her desk), well with the jig I’m no longer needing to do that (as much)