Thoughts of selling my GF PLUS - OH/PA border area

Hello all. Thanks for reading this. Ive had my GF Plus for bout 2 3yrs now. Works amazingly. I keep it clean never had an issue at all. Recently things have got really hard for me and my family. Ive been in between jobs for a while now. Finally got another good job but now my vehicles are down so i cant get back forth to work smh… i want to get them fixed but living paycheck to paycheck makes it really hard too. So… im deciding to sell my GF… i just want to fix my vehicles… just so i dont lose my job. I do apologize for putting my life out there… im not looking for a pitty party… im just looking for anything helpful to stay afloat… im asking 3k OBO… ((at this point in life ill take whatever)). Whomsoever buys, if they buy will have to either come pick it up, or pay for shipping. I apologize again… thank you all again for reading this. I can send pics when needed. Im even willing to deliver, plug it up and teach whomever how to work the GF. Peace in abundance to all you beautiful people. Happy Easter to you all as well.


No apologies needed. It is terrible when on top of everything else on your back your car decides to contribute.
Good Luck man.


Thank you so much for the replies and understanding. I truly appreciate :pray:t5: that. Thank you as well for the well wishes. Be blessing and stay great brother.


What a bummer. Hopefully someone will be interested. Have you tried putting it on the FB groups as well? Good luck!


So sorry to hear about all your problems…seems things all pile on at once, sometimes. For best results, please post more information about your machine for sale…like your location, what year you bought it in, etc. I will give interested folks better information so they can make an informed decision.


Thank you for your replies. Really appreciate your time and efforts. I didnt post on FB market cause i really dont want to get rid of it… its a really cool azz machine… that does some amazingly good things. I recently taught my 10yr old to work it… shes loves pushing the ready button :laughing:… she also loves how i yell TO THE FORRRRGE in some old British type voice :laughing: :rofl:… idk… but thank you for the information.


Its ok. I know God got me… thank you for your time in replying. My location is between the Youngstown Ohio and Sharon pa area. I was just looking at old emails… and i want to say i bought it around summer of 2021 but im not completely sure. I do know it was around that time. Thank you for inquiring. I really appreciate you all. Cause it shows that humanity is there for one another if and when we can… however we can. And that truly made me smile. If you all want… you can check out some of my works on IG @ Albe_t8ylor_m8de. I also make, edit, and shoot drone vids. oflife, God canvas. Photography and videography. Truck driver by trade. Artist by life. But sometimes… life seems to be a bit much for us all. :confused:. Also taking care of Momz and her health, and a household is a bit overwhelming. Smh… especially when things seem to get away from us… or not so much to work in our favor… or a bit too stressful. Not one to complain EVER… but tbh… kinda tired of holding in that whole “be strong” cause im a man mentality.