Three easy pieces ( suggestions)

As I am working in the GFUI I am getting nearly blind looking at dark gray lines against a dark background. I suppose if I were working on pink acrylic it would be easier but most materials (and all woods) make it very hard to see.
Sometimes the current cut is red or if you are over the referenced cut it is red or blue that is a bit easier to see but you have to go over the relevant button to get it to change. The buttons themselves do not highlight so that is the first suggestion that when you highlight a cut the button lights up a little if you have only part of the cut (or a different color) and lights up more if you have all that button wants to cut.

A different problem comes when you are trying to see the surface and the design (of any color) is in the way. The ability to hide or show the cut would be easy for each cut and parts the will be ignored for that whole round can be out of the picture (I do want them there when moving stuff around!) But that needs to be a choice.

The third very annoying thing is trying to move the whole design and getting only a part or trying to move a part inside a larger part and having to move the large part out of the way or you cannot get it at all. Often there will be engraves that go with cuts and alignment there is critical but trying to move several parts about to use scrap (or make less of it) there is a need to link some parts and not others. Call this a bonus ask as I know this is not so easy.


Ctrl-A helps with this one.


Drag a window around everything to select everything

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Ignoring the layer, I think blacks out the image on the bed.

That works sometimes but when you highlight it and click on it to move, the GFUI thinks that you are only selecting the largest piece and moves that instead worse I have not found a way to be certain and hit ctl-Z a lot as a result.

Ignore grays out the layer but so does touching the uncuttable edges so if you make a layer cuttable just to figure out which it is, it continues to hide and not change.

I made a stack of matching gears that if not scaled will all mesh. They are each gear a color so I can use whatever gear fits the various bits of scrap. That design particularly highlights all the issues of the OP as I try each one to find the largest area to fit in or largest gear that will fit available areas.

I am just now making some earrings and they need to be reversed to make a pair. I set up three sets so it will do 32 earrings or 16 pairs at once but only 4 at a time if needed because of arranging them to fit the available areas. Unfortunately the four are the same side so the other four need to be pushed about to make four pairs. That got real crazy when I discovered that even across many layers some things are linked in ways you cannot break them apart and others that should be are not. So when I did manage to get them correct it is a mish mash of overlapping bits that even the GFUI took extra time to sort out and I hope I can undo all the moves or I will have to upload the design again

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.