Tidbits every 6 weeks or so?

On Feb 5th @dan let his guard down just a little. It was a Friday afternoon and it’s possible that he had visited the local brewery or maybe was just a good day. But those little pieces of non-specific information went a long way to giving the community a sense of progress. Looking forward to the next update. :wink:


Perhaps we need to open @dan a tab at the brewpub next door…


If I recall, I thought @dan’s post came after some very heated discussion about when shipping would take place and some very skeptical posts about the long wait while they have our money. There was a great deal of diplomacy and encouragement in the forum, as well as clarification on expectations. I thought of that post as giving a progress report to ease concerns without tipping their hand too much. Yes, more specifics would be good. Like that YouTube Q&A that really fluffed me up.


Yeah, figured it wouldn’t hurt to hint nicely.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m happy waiting as long as it takes to get a perfected design…but I am strictly a hobbyist, so the wait really means nothing to me, and my opinion may mean nothing to those with a business to run…


Awesome news. I’m glad little bits of info are getting out for us to feed on

Actually the topic was just a small reminder that the last bit of info was very well received, and it has been six weeks. The passage of time is likely different the closer you get to Seattle. Probably something to do with gravitational waves but I’m not sure.


This is a sign not terribly far from the GF offices… There may be some temporal distortion.


:slight_smile: Your timing is good - we had a bit of excellent progress this week I’ll try to share soon.


I guess I’ve been stuck in a time warp :wink:

I’ve been thinking about project status and information sharing a lot in the last few weeks. There are lots of reasons why many things cannot be openly shared and we understand that. But not all information is close hold. I applaud @dan for actively participating in the forums. Humanizing the company is important. Still, the past couple months Dan has talked with us, not really to us. The balance is just a little bit off.


Having been in pressure cooker projects before, and currently being in one now, the fact @dan hasn’t publicly melted down is an impressive feat in and of itself. The man himself posted the other day that they will be at Maker Faire Bay Area. It is six weeks away. Either it’s done and they’ll be shipping, they’ll say something ahead of time to set and manage expectations, they’ll go for the “just wait and see” approach and try to manage the social media war afterwards or they’ll pray Maker Faire is so crowded no one can get to their space. But there will be information one way or another.

The machine can cut from a svg file; I have proof of that. We’ve seen posts by @madebynick and @Shell of the stuff their making. It is very reasonable to assume all they really have left is SMOP (simple matter of programming.) Unfortunately software can take a while or it can be done. We’ll know when they start arriving on our doorsteps. I’ve certainly been pressured before for updates and timelines, and I’ve provided them in good faith, and then sometimes I’ve seen them blown up by one little thing that should be so easy… So even if they were very chatty with their progress we’d be on a roller coaster. Those of us from an engineering background wouldn’t be perturbed. The reactions of others, like marketing, are harder to predict.


Awesome to hear that they’ll be at MFBA. @dan, perhaps the demo will showcase more than the “tracing” capability to demonstrate some of the progress that’s been made? Wishful thinking, but it would be sweet to see a rudimentary demo of etching gradients with their fancy custom variable power supplies. Perhaps even see an updated enclosure, latest software, etc. Can’t wait to finally see it in person!

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