Tide / Weather Display Device



You may remember the planetary gears from my Magic: the Gathering life trackers. I kinda took them up a notch.

This device shows current weather and temperature, a forecast, and the time of the two low tides of the day. It has a Raspberry Pi and connects to the internet to get the updated data.

I have a video of the gear rotation in action, and another of some during-development footage.

I wrote a long Medium post about it that you can read if you want more details. I’m also happy to answer questions here.



Weather icons by Austin Condiff from the Noun Project: https://thenounproject.com/acondiff/collection/weather/




OMG, Wow, just Wow!!!


Oh, very cool! :sunglasses:


I’m not sure which project just dropped off my top ten but this replaced it!


Oh. My. Word.


Epic project. Love it!


You’re making some of us feel really insufficient.

Ok. It’s me. You’re making me feel really insufficient.

Awesome project.


Super cool!


I love the LEDs.


Great project! it has to be more reliable the the weather girl.


Holy moly, that’s more than a notch! It’s a real work of art.


Amazing job! I’ll stick with my iPhone, but so cool that it could be done!


It’s beautiful!


In an attempt not to get banned, I’ll say it this way…


What an amazing concept, design, and execution!!!


this is too cool!


Wow to the power of 10!!! I love it and wish I had the skills to do one.


so lovely! must make one!


Very cool. I suppose one could integrate various local sensors available and build a weather station with local conditions. Or s combination. Ohhh so many possibilities. I really like the tide indicator though.


What an intricate and meticulously-designed project!