Tiles and boxes

Did some photos for a neighbor using LaserTile and some boxes with pattern from Antonio Gomes on Thingiverse

Also making small dinosaurs from the scapes between projects.


Great looking projects! Love the dragonfly box in walnut! :grinning:

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Your tiles are PERFECT!!!

Would you be willing to share your method?

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I do what has been said before -play with brightness and contrast more than you would for printing. Speed between 800 -1000 at full power. The tiles from Lasertile.com then do their magic.


Great work, love the dino’s. I’ve been doing a lot of Cartonus Boxes lately. And the photo tiles speak for themselves!


You’ve been busy! Love the dinosaurs!

Why not both?

It’s a HERD! Well done!

Thank you for the tip. I just ordered a box of tile. It did not say how long to receive? Do you have an idea?

Very nice! I particularly like the adorable dinosaurs.

I ordered a box yesterday also. It will probably be a month before I see them.