Time Killers

So, to branch off of @dan’s Rogue thread (Dan Shapiro Talk: A Very Old Game), what are your favorite time-killer games? PC, iOS, Android, etc…

The one that planted the concept of a time-killer game was Desktop Tower Defense! It’s gone away a couple of times, but I’m glad to see that it’s playable again. I spent hours that should have been productive at work playing this game.

Into the realm of iOS, I bounce into new games all the time. My two fall-backs are Hill Climb Racing and Jetpack Joyride. Jetpack falls to the back of the pack faster since I have everything I want in-game, but with Hill Climb the vehicle upgrades get to be so expensive that I haven’t even purchased all of the vehicles yet. I just saw when searching for that image that HCR2 is coming in December! :squee:


The only game currently I play on my ipad is Clash of Clans…my kids and hubby got me into it last year then they all quit playing…lol
Played AngryBirds bubble pop but became too tempting to buy more coins so had to remove it…lol


When I was in high school I used to play “Harvest Moon Back to nature” we bought it for a small cousin but after we try to teach him how to play it… we got hooked :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: hahahaha I had to buy one copy :sweat_smile:.

And you can kill time with that game! :astonished:, I used to play again each summer vacation and when I realized it I have to go to school again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It has been well over a year since I played any games on my iPhone. The only ones I have not deleted are Robot Unicorn Attack 2, and Super Monsters Ate My Condo, both from Adult Swim games.

On the WiiU We play Super Smash Bros and (rarely) Splatoon. It is used most often to run Netflix and Hulu.

My PS3 gets very little use these days as anything other than a blu-ray player, because I was given a gaming PC last year. Although occasionally I will fire it up to run Tempest X3 (PS1) or Katamari Forever.

On the PC, I run Steam. This one gets the most use by far. I play Rocket League often (ahem… Daily. so addictive. 5-minute games), GTAV when my buddies are online (a little burned out on it solo), Necropolis (as of last week), No Man’s Sky (meditative/boring based on mood), Project Zomboid (ultra time waster, unwinnable, still in beta after forever), and once in awhile Civ5 (but I’m quitting that one, I swear!)
There is a new Red Dead Redemption coming next year… I will play that one until my eyes bleed if it is as good as the last one!


I love jet pack joyride


PC mostly:

Scrabble…Can’t find any “hooman” partners, so I play the computer version.
Sudoko…I’m lazy about erasing so I prefer the computer versions.
Griddlers…(logic picture puzzles) ex: World Riddles - Secrets of the Ages
Match 3 and strategy games. (Call of Atlantis/Rise of Atlantis, Fishdom, etc.)
Hidden Object Games…(but I tend to run through them in one sitting and mess my eyes up, so I’m avoiding them now.)
Poker…prefer the analog version, with actual people
Gin Rummy…prefer the computer version cause otherwise it runs too slow
Monopoly…computer version…analog is too slow

Not into RPGs or Poppers.

It’s been a looooong time since I played any games though. (Might be fun to play one tonight.) :relaxed:


world of Warcraft - /played time = 330 days, 17 hours, 22 minutes, 4 seconds over 12 years


Solitaire and Gutenberg. On my phone right now I have Alfred Russel Wallace’s memoir of his travels up the Amazon in the early 1850s. (It’s fascinating in so many ways – he keeps writing about towns that had been bustling 50 or 100 years earlier but since almost deserted, and preserving specimens in the local rotgut. And then everything he collected during four years of travels, except for a few pages of notes, was destroyed when the ship he was on to return to England caught fire in the middle of the atlantic.)

And no, most of it isn’t nearly as highbrow.


On my phone Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (Inferno Team) and Pokemon Go are the only survivors. The PS3 is almost abandoned, but sometimes I play Macross 30, ACE: Another Century Episode and Ace Combat. My PC is the one that has my attention (and time, a lot of it) with Overwatch, Far Cry Primal and League of Legends.


On my iPhone right now it’s toy blast, but my iPhone games change quite frequently. Use to have a ridiculously high score on subway surfers. One of the few games I can beat my 17 year old at. Loved jet pack joy ride, some of the tower defense, and went through a trivia crack phase. Consoles it’s Mario cart. Use to play a lot of Forza but my wheel died. Right now any game time is on the PC and it’s either World of Warcraft (just started back a couple weeks ago) or XCOM 2. I want to get the new skyrim port to PS4


If you like Harvest Moon, you will like Rune Factory 4!!! I love that game. Logged many hours on it.

Other favourites are:
Bravely Default and Bravely Second
Anything Zelda
Fire Emblem
Fantasy Life
Animal Crossing
Super Mario

No problems here! :thinking:


wow!!!:scream: I just saw a video and :squee: :squee: :squee: It is a Harvest moon, final fantasy and zelda mix!!! Thanks for the recommendation :grin:

And Zelda FTW!! :wink: I can play any zelda game as many times and I never get bored :slight_smile:


Yes it’s exactly that!!! There’s talks of Rune Factory 5 but the company went under which sucks…but I heard another company might pick it up! There’s hope!


A friend recently suggested Avengers Academy for my iphone and I have to say I’ve been pathetically hooked ever since :joy:

Other than that though the only apps I have are more like daily check-ins: Neko Atsume, Kleptocats, and Viridi.

My poor old PS2 hasn’t been getting used as often now that I’ve started working, but whenever I can get the chance my favorites are Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter. Pretty much the only Xbox games I play are Assassin’s Creed, especially the ones in Rome to satisfy my nerdy architectural history side lol. I’ve never been a big fan of 1st person games…always felt too constricting!


@chadmart1076 Happy cake day :slight_smile:


I played Hill Climb Racing way more than I should have for many years, on pretty much every device I have owned. It’s available on all platforms, and is a lot of fun for such a simple game. I don’t play it too much anymore though, mostly because once you have all the vehicles fully maxed, you can get out quite a ways on some of those stages, so it it can take upwards of 30 minutes per run to get out to your current record to try and improve it! Oh, and when I checked right now HCR2 is already available for Android.
I also enjoy playing Seven Little Words, mahjong and sudoku from time to time.


I’m a big XCOM fan too! You used to be able to find a website about the real Executive Committee (XCOM) online until it went dark. The game was somewhat modeled after some of its activities. Xcom is the private organization in control of all US space activities. I once searched about 2500 web links trying to find it again among the Panasonic references that suddenly obscured it.

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I wish I had more time to kill. Time is something that has become very precious in our home with afterschool activities, homework, cooking, cleaning…

Way back when, I loved long sessions of Doom/Quake online with friends. My wife and I have played all of the Myst series and Riven. I am trying to get my kids into playing Obduction but we only have a couple hours into it so far (that time issue).

Our go-to game as a family is still the Little Big Planet series. Seems it is hard to find good games that are suitable for all ages, but LBP checks all the marks for us.

I have a small addiction to Plants Vs Zombies (could not get on board with Heroes). I still play the daily challenge…daily.


LBP is awesome. I made it through the story but have a hard time being dedicated enough to make my own levels, though I very much want to. I tried making the vehicle from Blaster Master and got it to work ok. I also tried making a “Death Star Trench Run” level but didn’t get very far.

LBP racing is a fun kart racing game too.


I think my major “Time Killer” the past several months has been between this forum and Pinterest ( with some Amazon thrown in)…:flushed: