Time Lord Trogdor


Gallifreyan script “Trogdor the burninator”


I think you misspelled “burninator”. There’s a dot missing. :wink:


Cute! Wibbly, wobbly, and awesome!

Edit: “Cute” isn’t manly enough for a Burninator named Trogdor.


Ah… that dot fell out :grin:


It will show up eventually, in “The Escutcheon that Waited.


Clearly it’s now living in N-Space.

Hashtag: Who’sOldSchool


Classic callback! Romana II !


I grew even more jealous of Tom Baker when I found out they got married. I had such a crush on her.

Did I just say “had?” Weird.


Same here had a crush on her too :grin:


They didn’t last much more than a year. But she was married to her second husband for almost 25 years. They just got divorced last year so you could put in a try for her :grinning:


All I’m going to say is that Romanadvoratrelundar did a nice job of choosing her post-regeneration appearance.