Timeframe for support response is unacceptable

So we wait years for things to ship, we wait weeks after notification of shipment before it actually ships, then when it arrives with hidden damage from shipping our only option is emailing support which will take 3 days for a response? So for a $4000 (Pro) piece of hardware there is no support phone number and multi day response time? Not the support I was expecting.

So for now I have a $4000 paperweight while I wait for someone to contact me. Wonderful. Back to my Full Spectrum Laser.


After reviewing the unpacking instructions again, it appears my glowforge was shipped without the top layer of foam in the box. The stress marks on the top of the box also seem to confirm this. So I am going to guess that Glowforge will need to send me new packing material to ship this one back. I am now concerned that is this going to take some time to resolve.

They don’t take 3 days to respond to support inquiries.

They do, however, often respond at all awful hours of the night and over weekends and some holidays.

Give 'em more than an hour after their canned email to get back to you before complaining on a forum.


Last two times I contacted them it was 3 days between each email in the string


You assume I only gave them an hour, which was not the case. Either way their own delivery instructions indicate to contact them immediately upon delivery if there is apparent damage. This implies there would be a way to reach them while the shipper is still at the house to determine the proper course of action. When I have taken delivery of other much larger pieces of equipment, there has always been a way to contact someone while the shipper was still there. Yes, there was a certain amount of venting in my above post, but it was based on a certain expectation of responsiveness based on documented delivery procedures and an expectation of a certain amount of QC on the package before it was shipped.

Additionally, if you are correct, the canned email that indicated 3 days response time is not a great customer experience for those of us that have stuck in through all the delays.

I stand by my statement that 3 days is an unacceptable situation.


I received a damaged unit, didnt get the chance to hold the UPS driver during inspection because they left it at the door without taking a signature.

Dropped an email to Support immediately after opening the box and seeing the damage, sent detailed photos, got a response within a few minutes with immediate resolution. Received the return slip for the damaged unit and tracking number for the replacement unit the next morning.

Yeah a canned response of a 3 day answer isn’t what a person wants to see but in my own experience it’s never taken longer than a sleep to get a response on issues.


Good to know your original statement was based on a single data point. I am going to make an assumption that you received your unit early in the process before production really picked up steam and overwhelmed support. Based on reading other threads, I do think my experience is the norm now, support is slammed and they have not scaled to the demand yet.

I have had “a sleep” and still have not heard from support.


Another set of data points. Of the four times I’ve contacted support, I received a response in 1, 3, 3, and 7 days.


Welp, that’s a bummer for you guys.

sounds like a topic for another controversial spreadsheet.

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I’m so sorry to hear about the problems with your Glowforge delivery. You should have received an email with information about the replacement process, our goal is to get a replacement Glowforge out to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@glowforge.com or to start another thread here.