Timer changing.. even adding time durning project

This has happened a few time. But it was very noticeable yesterday. The project stated there was 14 minutes left and a few minutes later the time jumped to 48 minutes left. The project did finish in the original 14 minutes, however, the interface is still “counting down” and I can’t continue to something else. Once I was able to hit the cancel button, but another time I needed to turn off and one the GF.

Stop staring at the timer… it’s an estimate made during processing, an average, not definite.

That timer has always been exact for me. But I’ve never seen it add time. Sometimes, if I open another page in my browser and then go back, it has to refresh .

But if the timer keeps running after a project is complete, and the OP can’t start a new project because the UI thinks the last project is still running, that’s a problem.

Nope. When you begin the next project, the file preparation includes generating a new time estimate which replaces any remaining time displayed.

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I’m just going by what the original post says. I’ve never experienced this, but apparently they are.

I agree with you. I really don’t care about the time, but when it’s finished as still counting down like it’s still running that is an issue. I am finding it happens more on engraves/cuts that take about an hour.

It’s not that I’m staring at it but many times I have seen it adjust to a new time and when the project finishesthe timer is stating I still have 20 minutes left and still counting down. Half the time hitting cancel does not work so I have to go through the set up process again. So yes, there is an issue.

Maybe it’s the difference between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time? Might have added 20 minutes in some locales.

Have you tried refreshing the page or starting a new tab? (You can totally start a different project in a new tab even if something is already running)

Why do you think this?

The timer is generated from the specific motion plan created for that specific job run. Every inch of travel, accel/decel etc is accounted for.

What I’ve never seen in the years on this forum is that it’s adding time.

The biggest issue with the timer tends to be that it will miss a pause status signal from the machine, either from stopping to cool or a user pause, and the timer will continue to run.

Hi @lizkingdesigns! I’d like to investigate the behavior you are experiencing with the countdown timer.

If this occurs again, could you let us know the name of the design along with the date and time (including timezone) that is occurs? This will allow us to take a closer look at the logs during that time.

Hi Danielle, It just happened again in another project. I am attaching 2 videos.
Thanks, Elizabeth King

Attachments available until Dec 26, 2021

I forgot to add the videos. Here they are. It didn’t happen on my first 2 small projects but those time were under 8 minutes.

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40.2 MB

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I hope these help. I find its random, but it’s super annoying and problematic when I am trying to get orders done and have to go through the manual set u each time.

Elizabeth King

Thank you for the videos! Our team will review them and we’ll be in touch again here if we need additional information while we investigate.

Thank you for much for your patience. We are continuing to investigate this on our end. To help in our investigation could you let me know the exact time/date and the name of the design file when this occurs next? This will allow us to extract logs from that specific print. Thanks!

The best I can tell it is the program was running on November 26 at 10:25 AM est. The name of The file I believe is called crabcake 2. The time problem happens so randomly and has been going on for over a month. There were days where it doesn’t happen and then there are days where it will happen one or two times. I don’t run the Glowforge all day.

I just wanted to jump in and let you know that we are still investigating the trouble that you are seeing. Will update you here as soon as we have more to share!

I noticed in your video you mentioned went the app gets stuck on the canceling step, you end up going through Wi-Fi setup again.

If nothing else, that shouldn’t be necessary.

The next time you get stuck cancelling, try this:

  • Turn your Glowforge off
  • Wait for 2 minutes
  • Turn your Glowforge back on

Let me know if that gets you back online or not without the Wi-Fi setup, and let me know about when that happens so I can check the logs!

I alway have to go through WiFi manual set up. My machine never connects automatically. I always have to wait for it to go through the start up process and hold the button until I get the teal light.

Also, I have only had the timer issue twice this week.