Timing for Lens Replacement

I ordered a new printer head lens since mine decided to crack/burn during a 450 bulk order. Is there any place local that we can purchase them – I need it now and not sure how long it will take the replacement to get here from Glowforge.


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There are people selling - I have seen them on Facebook groups. As for local, you didn’t state where you are located, but replacement parts for the Glowforge are not available in regular retail stores.

If you Google Glowforge lens, you will find the company (not Glowforge) selling items.


Thank you – I live in Indianapolis but will do my search on google – thank you so much!



PRINTER HEAD LENS - Glowforge(R) replacement lens, 100% manufactured i – American Photonics (american-photonics.myshopify.com)

Hi Melinda,

I meant to address this question in my last email response- I’m so sorry about that!

Unfortunately, spare parts are only available directly through us and are not sold elsewhere. Printers and proofgrade materials are available at some Michael’s and JoAnn locations, but we only sell spare parts from our store/by request.

The printer head lens you ordered should arrive within 10 days.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!