Timing out issue

Hello everyone. I am a first-time poster and PRAYING someone can assist with my issue.
My project keeps timing out on me after only a few minutes. this has happened many many times, and I’m messing up material, wasting my time, losing money and my mind over this.

I have looked all over for solutions, but I have not found any.

has this happened to anyone else, and what was your solution?

What do you mean by timing out? Is it taking too long to load? That could be your connection to your wifi or perhaps your file is corrupt.


Perhaps if you share the file that is causing this problem someone can take a look at it.


it times out when I’m in the middle of a project. My internet is stable and the project is usually very short but times out non the less.
any suggestions?

The laser is firing and then it stops? It times out when it’s preparing the file? Help us out by describing what the machine is doing.


So you’re working in the GFUI setting up your print.
You like what you have on screen.
You hit the print button.
It calculates the print path and power and all the associated steps.
It gives you the pulsing blue-ish button of power!!!
It starts to print.
It finishes printing.
It says wait for cooling while it takes a picture of the finished print.
You remove your print.

Where in that list is it timing out?
It sounds like you’re saying it messing up mid-print? Which would be odd as part of prepping the print in the servers is sending the entire job to the GFs memory. Once you hit the glowing button, you could completely disconnect your internet and it should finish the entire print without issue.


I’ve never heard of a “timing out” error, but I’ve only had my machine 5 years…


this is happening when the Glowforge is supposed to be performing the “aligning” to move the material. it never aligns, and times out.

So now I understand that you are using the pass through. Sometimes the interface needs additional points or identifiers to align properly. It is hard to say what the problem is with this file. Try using cardboard and add additional reference points if possible. If you can get it to work with cardboard you can switch back to your intended material.


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