Tin etching/cutting

Has anybody done tin business cards. No option for 20 to 22 gauge tin in menu.

You can’t cut or engrave metal, even foil.

You can mark on it with an appropriate coating (cermark is one example), or engrave away pre-applied coatings like anodizing.


well that makes no sense…if you can cut hardwood with it it should be able etch and or cut tin

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40w just isn’t enough power to vaporize metal.


Not at all. You would need at least a 300W industrial laser to cut even the lightest metal.

The glowforge is a crafting machine.


ah very good then…guess ill go back to the drawing board on that one

We’ve seen some neat examples of engraved anodized aluminum blanks as business cards.


I bought a pack of (I think 50) black anodized aluminum business cards, they engraved perfectly at 1000/FULL/270 (pro).


The cards they want are of the steel variety because they are Blacksmiths. But ill give the aluminum ones a try. Thanks

You can’t anodize steel. I think titanium and aluminum.

You can, however, use a marking spray like Cermark.


I’ve had good luck marking on steel using Cermark. Do a search on the forums for it. Haven’t tried tin, but if the Cermark sticks, I’m assuming it would probably work for marking.

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