Tinkercad design help

I’m new to GF and have been working with younger kids on Tinkercad I want them to create a nametag on the GF that has a rectangle cut out with their names engraved in the rectangle. I am having trouble with the engraving and the cutting together. It seems when I import the design from TC into the GF it either just everything out or just engraves. How do I do both together?

If you search on “tinkercad” over in “Glowforge Tips and Tricks,” you’ll find a bunch of Tinkercad tutorials by another teacher who’s using the same combination of tools. :slight_smile:


Look for @theroar84 in the forum. He is the person @geek2nurse mentioned that makes the videos.


I have 6th and 8th graders solving it like this. In the process of adding a My.Sketchup version… but it has to be imported into TinkerCAD to send it to the GF.

Thanks @hansepe and @geek2nurse for the shout out. =)


I’m so sorry that you are having an issue getting your nametags to engrave and cut. Have you had a chance to try the suggestion from @theroar84?

Please let us know if you are still having trouble.

As I re-read your post… I think this technique might be what you are looking for. I do it with a shape, but you can also do it with names created in Google Drawings.

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