Tinkineer Marbelocity skate park



In the last Quarterly Maker Box, there were a few projects. One of them was this:

All laser cut with the exception of 4 metal rods and the 4 ball bearings. Works beautifully! Tinkineer has a whole line of these.

Building it definitely got my creative juices flowing.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

I haven’t made mine yet. I was a slightly strange set this box, less maker-ish than the deresta sourced one last time…


Yes, definitely a little different. But I used the bristlebots with my kids the other day, and they also had fun watching me assemble the marble course, and then playing with it. Haven’t played with the maze yet.


Video of it working? - Rich


This is the larger model, but basically the same principle:


Cooooool! I want that! (someday when I get my GF…) :unamused: - Rich


I love watching that. Simple pleasures for simple minds. :grin:


This is the ultimate fidget toy. Put this on your desk and you’ll want to turn the crank all the time, until everyone around you finds out and will all want to come and turn the crank! :flushed: - Rich