Tips for Glowforge support team members

After a month of dealing with Glowforge support, and paying for expensive replacements parts that don’t fit, I have some tips for you.

  1. Ticket ownership.
    I get that when I use the chat feature I am usually dealing with tier 1 support and I will probably be moved to email support. But once in email support, 1 tech should own my case.

As a customer, I am asked to explain my issue. I am asked to send multiple photos showing the issue. I then get told I will be transferred to email support. Fine. (I work hard to resolve my own issue and turn over every stone before contacting support, so I fully expect tier 1 chat is just a formality)
2. Ticket ownership.
Once I am transferred to email support, that rep should own my case.
First, email support appears to be 2nd or 3rd shift.
On my issue, I have worked with
Mike D (Glowforge)
Maile L (Glowforge)
Veronica R (Glowforge)
Pip (Glowforge)
Chelsea B (Glowforge)
Patrick Scott (Glowforge)
Pip (Glowforge)

Do you like to work with 7 different people when trying to resolve an issue?
Do you like to have to email pictures and explain your problem over and over and over?

  1. Orders and tracking.
    Our accounts on Glowforge should have a place to go to see WHAT we have ordered, the order status, and the tracking number.
    So far, my resolution has included these items.
    1 $400+ new laser head (That did not fit)
    1 set of v-wheels
    1 new laser head and carriage plate SET
    1 set of v-wheels.
    I have no way of tracking any of these orders without looking through massive email chains, which are full of inaccurate information.

  2. Consistency. (This ones a doozy)

Support determined that my laser head died and I would need to purchase a replacement.
I ordered this NEW head, and when it arrived, it did not seat.
I also asked about ordering replacement v-wheels and was told I was being sent a set for free.
I was told v-wheels were not in stock but I would be notified when they were back. Then, I was told I was being sent some v-wheels for free when they come back in stock.
Meanwhile, support has agreed that my NEW laser head is bad, and a new laser head AND carriage plate will be sent.

Then, the other rep says the v-wheels are back in stock, but the supplier sent the wrong items, so instead of just v-wheels, he is sending a free carriage plate with v-wheels attached. Awesome.
But, I see that we are already sending you a carriage plate, so I am going to get that sent out, AND placed a separate order for v-wheels whenever they come back in stock.

I get and order receipt and FedEx tracking that says V-Wheels (Which are out of stock)
I receive a carriage plate.

I am being sent a new Laser Head AND Carriage plate, with the intent being that Glowforge already knows these 2 items fit together. But that does not happen and instead I receive a carriage plate Tuesday and will receive the new new laser head Friday, and hope it fits.

Our order invoice should MATCH what is sent.
If Glowforge is sending 2 new pieces because the last new piece was not tested and does not fit ANY glowforge it was tested on, then those 2 new pieces should be known to fit together before being mailed out.

Also, in 1 scenario I am being sent a laser head and carriage plate and expected to return the bad ones.
In another scenario I am being upgraded free from v-wheels to a whole free carriage plate.
Now it is unclear what Glowforge expects me to return.

  1. Small business cant survive like this.
    Glowforge really pushes this device as a home business solution.
    When my glowforge stops working correctly, I am out of business.
    When I pay $400+ dollars for a replacement part, and you know through our many many interactions, that my business is DOWN, expedited shipping should be the norm.
    I waited a week for a new part to come, that did not even fit my glowforge.
    I then was expedited v-wheels (Actually a carriage plate) that wont address my issue because the real issue is still a bad laser head.
    I receive tracking information that my package will be delivered Monday by noon, then Monday before end of day. Nothing comes.
    I then get tracking info sent to me on Tuesday morning, saying my package will be delivered Monday (Yesterday) How does your software even let you send such a thing?
    I am not waiting and hoping that the new laser head will arrive Friday, with no such confidence of that happening.

Just this morning I was contacted by yet ANOTHER tech via email. Cheryl C (Glowforge)
"Hi Terry,

Stepping in for Francesca this morning. Would you mind sending over a couple of pictures so that we can understand better what you are looking at?

Thanks very much,


I have no idea what she was trying to understand, as all parts on on order already.

I have been out of business for OVER 1 MONTH. My interactions with support started May 26th and I have been unable to take any orders since then.


I’m so sorry for the ongoing issues with your Glowforge & the frustrating experience you’ve had so far. I’m currently coordinating with my colleagues so that I’ll get as much information on your case as possible, and your ticket is now being assigned to me and I’ll be your main point of contact until we find a resolution.

I think it would help if you and I set up a time for me to give you a call so we can work on this together in real time. I’ll be reaching out to you via email shortly to work out the details and set that up with you.

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