Tips on how to remove the QR code sticker?

I left it on my design and there was a significant difference in engraving color to the wood. I left it there because it was not very easy to remove. Any suggestions?

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Sticker is attached to the masking. I’m not sure about removing it without removing the masking. Because it is more to burn through, it would affect engraving. It wouldn’t really make a noticeable difference to scoring and cutting.

You could try gentle persuasion with a fingernail or plastic blade.

You know what?.. TURN IT OVER, dumb dumb. HELLO! wow. I am not so smart today. lol. Thanks ya’ll!


Turning it over is a pretty good idea :sweat_smile: But I’ve used my wife’s hair dryer to do it as well. It does leave a tad bit of residue, so I’ve followed up with Goo Gone as well and that does a pretty good job. If you’re anywhere close to being like me, you try to use all of your board and sometimes that means your design can only for in a certain orientation. So this is just another handy way to get around the sticker :+1:t4:


I’m glad you found a solution! I’m going to close this thread - go ahead and post a new topic if you have other questions.