To all the "Day 1ers" still waiting



Does the wait feel even more excruciating NOW than before, or is it just me? The constant e-mail checking, the forum lurking, the unsociable drooling over seeing everyone else’s projects? I’m asking half-in-jest, but maaaaaaaaan: torturous, I say.


Yes–I’m a first dayer but it took me until the late evening to finally commit. So I probably have a bit more to wait. :cry:


My purchase confirmation came in at 12:41pm (PST), so I’m sure there were a few before me.


I’m lucky enough to have a pru at the house but totally understand. Last ten minutes at work…


I’m a ‘Day Two’er’ and it ain’t any easier.

Patience is a virtue.


Okay, we really aren’t in a dire situation as we wait…but you did remind me of one of my favorite movies. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha! 12:25pm for me.just barely ahead of you!


Right there with you! Every time I see an email in my inbox I am secretly getting giddy inside only to be dissapointed repeatedly. Like in the words of the infamous Katrina & The Waves:

“Now every time I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down
’Cause I just can’t wait 'til you write me you’re coming around”

I find it odd how much the Glowforge has gripped me so.


Lol - count your lucky starts y’all. I’m WAY down that list (19th October here!) and I’m in the UK :frowning:

sad times.



You’re post isn’t showing. It’s just showing as the animated “loading” picture. I’ll keep watching it and let you know when it’s done.





I live in Seattle and do lots of big corporate events and I am always driving by the Glowforge office. It kills me that I can’t pop in and pick one up!!! At this point even a pre-released used one haha!. I have a pro on order, but am still spending a fortune ordering items for my corporate clients that I could make much nicer and cleaner on a Glowforge. I still am so excited about this product, but I should have bought another option as this long turn around from purchase to one in hand is significantly affecting my small business.

Please come soon, I need you Glowforge, not just for fun, but for my income!


Fingers crossed for you!


We bought the tile for our house right down the street from Glowforge, so we’ve been by there nearly every weekend for the last few weeks. I know how you feel!


Got this the other day!!!

Now waiting for the shipping confirmation (How long does that even usually take?)


Yay!!! :tada::tada:


Congrats! Seems to be around 4-5 weeks right now, but was down to 2 weeks at one point. Looks like they’ve made it to the the afternoon of the 24th orders.


Oh! Well, that’s a good time frame to keep in mind.