To Filter or to not Filter?


I ordered the filter with my Pro. My machine will be used only out in my garage workshop and ventilated outdoors. I don’t think I’ll ever use it inside the house.

Should I cancel the order on the filter?


If you can vent the Glowforge outdoors you don’t really need the filter. The filter is mostly intended for users who don’t have the external vent capability.


I’m in the same boat. I do have a way of venting outside but it limits me to the smallest of the 3 places I could put my machine. I’ll do that at first and make the call on keeping/cancelling the filter once I have my machine and can see for myself how loud/stinky it is outside. I’d love to be able to skip the filter if possible since I’m hoping to have a lot of use on the GF and those filter replacements aren’t gonna be cheap.


I canceled my filter as soon as I decided where I was going to put the unit.

I don’t regret it but I also don’t have close neighbors.


Sounds exactly like what I’ll do! I had thought about keeping it just to filter the air but there’s no venting it post filter. And as @Mike13 said, those filters won’t be cheap.

Thanks all for the insight!


My original plan was to put my GF in the garage workshop, but I still ordered a filter because I didn’t want to drill a hole through the brick wall for a vent, and I didn’t want to run a vent hose out the garage door into the rose bushes. However, I recently became aware of minimum temperature restriction for housing the GF, and it is possible on some winter nights, it may dip below that in my garage. So I am rethinking where to put it, most likely in the loft in the house. Good thing I ordered a filter.


You may some day move into a smaller unit. But if that happens, you can order a filter at that time.

You may some day decide to bring your unit somewhere else for a demo/party. When THAT happens, you won’t be as likely to do so if you also have to pay for and wait for a filter.

So, I guess it is a question of how likely you feel the urge to show off the machine will be.


I have some regret not ordering the filter at the initial pre-order pricing. I have some ideas to bring this thing to some indoor shows now. Not going to happen without the filter. Another place I’m thinking of has some outdoor spots so that’ll work. But if I had a filter I wouldn’t ever need to have it be a concern.

So all I’m saying is consider carefully how you think you might use it. If the answer is “It’ll always be ventilated outdoors” then absolutely cancel. 0 need for it under that condition. Otherwise, keep it.


I contemplated canceling my filter at one point and then decided:

  • it’s paid for already
  • while I have no one within 1/4 mile of me in any direction, that could always change, so it gives me flexibility in future living arrangements
  • with the introduction of pro shields, I have the flexibility of using it at shows (with adequate power available)


Honestly, given the amount of smoke pouring out of the vent outside my window, I’m not sure I would want to just use a filter inside. Just seems like a lot to handle. I did order a filter and am planning on getting it. I used a blast gate to avoid leaking warm air/humidity into the work space and I disconnect the hose and fill it with stuffing when the glowforge is not in use and it would be easier to not have to do that each time, though only slightly.


I plan on using the filter when I’m using the pass through since I’ll be rolling it away from the wall and the hose to the window exhaust might not stretch nicely. Also for the times I’ll take it somewhere for demos or teaching or something.


I’ll use my filter during Colorado winters, but my continue exterior venting otherwise. It’s been working since April just fine. :wink:


Mine too and we have some serious winter some years too (part of the reason I put in the blast gate). But it’ll be nice to have options with the filter.


I struggled with the exact same decision and ended up cancelling my filter.
I plan to use mine at home and so many of the people on the forum have been using their glowforges just venting them out the window. I figure why not? I paid off my credit card using the money I got back and bought myself a few video games :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured worst case scenario I could pick one up at a later date when I have more cash inflow from my business.


I’m venting outside but I’m keeping the filter. The reason is I can see myself setting it up elsewhere in the house for Laser Parties or bringing it with me to events or the like.

So, it really depends on your use case. If you plan on never moving it somewhere without a vent, then I don’t think you need it.


I am a person who likes options. If it was me, I would keep the filter as then it would allow you to move the GF, transport it to another location for temp usage, and still maintain air quality. BUT… You can always order one later. :slight_smile:


Yep! That’s why I’m keeping mine. Plus I may find it rather tedious to put the vent in the window when temperatures are sub-zero out.


Will the filter shipping be the same as the GF shipping where we get an email asking if we want it and can at that point say no? It would be nice to have a couple months of cutting time and make the choice later. That doesn’t work as well if they just ship automatically to the same address the GF went to.


All very valid points! Argh, I’ve changed my mind again. Haha!


I 'm in the same situation. I ordered the basic with filter but I will never have a need to use it on a daily basis so I cancelled the filter. I will vent out a window.