To make the New (New?) Yankee Workshop

So who’s going to grab this and convert it to 1/4" slices for us to Glowforge? :stuck_out_tongue:

For just the sum of more than your Basic Forge… :open_mouth:


$3K!!! Norm’s a rockstar - but c’mon.

Yeah, I bugged my eyes a bit too but… 20+ years of 19.99 videos with plans adds up. Just 20 every year for 21 years is $420. So multiplied out by at least 7 projects a year x$20 x 21years? I’m pretty sure he did more than just 7 projects a year … it’s just 21 years worth that makes it so much. And holy carp, Batman, that’s minimally 147 different projects.

Wonder how many people bought the bulk of the recordings as the show was current?

It’s not playing nice with Firefox on Ubuntu, just spinning circles and crashing browser. I did buy one episode, the Stickley settle. I have not made it yet. I have not had a shop to do it, but am getting closer. I did lend it to a woodworker who used the lines and techniques to make a Stickley style bed and nightstand for me. I figured I spent 1/3rd of my life in my bed (oh, how I wish, more like a 4th) and it should be one of the nicest things I own. Too lazy to go upstairs and take a pic of it, but will later.

I’ve been watching and enjoying the shows on YouTube.