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Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

I’d just write off the label and use the pencil anyway :slight_smile:


Trying to keep my husband from walking off with it! :sunglasses:


Teacher appreciation week, here I come!
That’s great.


ha ha… nice!


Lot’s of gift ideas there (remember dollar store and back to school sales!). Halloween gift instead of candy, teachers (Then there was the teacher who had the “I :hearts: Justin Beiber” pencils for kids who forgot theirs in class). :frowning:


Awesome job positioning that! The result is very cute: must be about 6 point type.


I just used the camera to shrink the text and place it…it engraves really well in pencil wood.

We could use one of @karaelena’s rotary tools to run the design around the pencils too.


What you do is sharpen it down past the name tag.


2 minutes in a pencil sharpener will eliminate this annoyance. :smiling_imp:


The challenge in doing this on pencils is to account for the “evolving” message, as you sharpen it. This one is fine, but “Don’t Do Drugs” is problematic.


Cute. Another idea my kids will likely enjoy. Except my son will put Minecraft characters along the entire pencil as well. :slight_smile:


LOL! ha, always need to take care where you trim your Strings :slight_smile: I once worked on a product that shall not be named, and it let the administrators enter some “canned” comments, but the ui logic for showing those (on reports) trimmed the comments to something shorter than what the ui for entering would let users enter, and - well, you’d be amazed how easy it is to find “inappropriate”/curse words and phrases…


LOL :grinning:


Top Gear used to do a lot of vehicle graphic jobs that included words whose meanings were altered when, say, the door was open


@Jules With @karaelena rotary , do you think you could sharpen a new pencil?


Don’t know…might be worth a try…:grin:


Now @jordanloshinsky do you see what you’ve done. Remember @Jules never sleeps, and now an all night sharp-pencil-gradient-engrave-bender is going to be your fault…


Pathetic, but probably true… (i need to get a life!) :smile:


@henryhbk you think too 3d! A 3d engrave and a perfect 180 deg flip is hard. But a pencil in rotary, with a straight line cut at the appropriate angle(angle to be researched) then rotated X deg and same cut , should about do as well as me and my knife. If you over rotate a bit it doesn’t matter to much as it’s just a pencil in the world’s most expensive pencil sharpener…