To Webmaster for this site! Improvements needed!

Please take a look at the Shark CNC forum called Sharktalk. It separates its Show and Tell listings by new posts for each and with comments re: that project listed with it. To do that would serve our forum well. As GF machines are received you will want to show owners’ work in a more navigatable manner than what is now in use here.

The Sharktalk forum backend is phpBB.

The Glowforge forum platform is Discourse.

Once @dan decided of the forum platform, that has decided how things will work. As Discourse adds features, they will become available.

I am a forum member (and crowdfunding supporter of Glowforge). You can look (and suggest features to Discourse) at this platform at Discourse and join the development of Discourse at


If/when show and tell needs a separate section, that shouldn’t take terribly long to implement.

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@pb2u2, As far as a catagory for show and tell for what we make on our Glowforges, I think the Made on a Glowforge catagory will be what you’re looking for, one post per project. The show and tell thread was just something the community put up the Show and Tell thread just as a way to pass the time and share non-Glowforge projects.


The show and tell thread is just a thread that started to show off what we’ve done OTHER than on a :glowforge: Everything made on a :glowforge: can and should go in “made on a :glowforge:” with each being a separate thread.

A problem that didn’t exist solved.