Today I have become a nonagenarian

What an odd word to describe a person who has lived 90 years +.

I ain’t seen it all, but I have seen many changes. From the one ringy dingy on the wall mounted crank phone to the iPhone that tells me it’s probably a spam call. (Spam - that stuff we used to eat for dinner).

And typing this - most of the words are completed for me.

One of the innovations that I have seen, and thoroughly enjoyed is my Glowforge (didn’t know how to complete that one did you, Mister Smarty iPhone).

It was my first and only venture into crowd funding. I had my doubts from time to time waiting for “Glowriosky” but once I received it, there were no regrets. And the only problem has been the black cable which had to be replaced once. I see a lot of griping and moaning about problems with the GF, but the complaining majority probably need to RTFM.

Thank you, Dan and company, for bringing forth a device that is a joy to read about, design for, and use to make so many fun and useful things.

And thank you to the awesome, helpful folks here on the forum that never seem to sleep.

So as I go forward into a new decade (for me) I know that time is limited but I will enjoy filling my remaining days (months, years,?) by making use of the increasing attributes of my Glowforge.


Happiest of Birthdays to you Sir! (That’s a great accomplishment! Think of the wisdom gained!)
:cake: :partying_face: :shaved_ice: :champagne: :wine_glass: :boom:


Oh my goodness! Happy birthday and congrats on being super cool! I’m embarrassed to say I can barely work my phone after an update. The rate I’m going, I think when I’m ninety I’ll be happy if I can remember where I put my shoes.


Happy, happy birthday! You are indeed a marvel! When I see so many elderly, once they retire, just sit around and do nothing, for you to get into buying and using a Glowforge is truly awe-inspiring! So many of them still refuse to even use a smart-phone.

I used to love listening to my grandfather-in-law, who was in only in his mid-70’s at the time (way back in 1973), talk about the “old days.” He talked about courting his wife, which took 6 months before he could even sit in the same room with her. He’d be in one “parlor”, she’d be in another, and there was always someone there to be sure they didn’t get too close. He’d never show up without flowers and candy. He talked about buggy rides and sleigh rides (they were in Minnesota). He would tell us of all the changes in the world that he’d seen, about the first time he saw a car to man landing on the moon. I could listen to him talk for hours. He passed away at 93 and he was the only grandfather I ever knew, as both of mine had passed away before I was born, as well as my husband’s maternal grandfather. His maternal grandmother passed away one month before she turned 101, and she was feisty until the end.

At any rate, I wish you all the best. :birthday: :tada: :gift:


Have great Birthday and Congratulations on your awesome achievement.


I’ll just put this here…

:musical_note:Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear @lcronkite,
Happy birthday to you! :notes:And many more…


Shoes? Shoes? What shoes?


Happy birthday! You have been part of a great many changes and advances in this world, and I hope you experience many more wonders in your life. It has been fun sharing part of the journey with you and seeing your pens and Glowforge creations.


Wonderfully written and happy Birthday to you! I can only hope to figure out the new technology that is around if/when I hit this milestone as well as you seem to have done. Here’s to many more!


Happy Birthday! @lcronkite :partying_face: :tada: :beers: :champagne: :beer: :partying_face: :tada:

Wow! You make me feel like a kid again! I was thinking 70+ was getting old and never expected to reach it as no male in my direct family tree did.

BTW our phone actually says “Spam Risk” on at least the most obvious cases.


Pretty amazing the span of the state of the world in your lifetime. My grandfather met his great grandfather who had fought at the battle of Moscow against Napoleon and my grandfather had seen people walk on the moon which is amazing when those guys met that we spanned horse drawn carriage to the space era. The pace of technologic progress is accelerating so folks like you span amazing changes that are incredible. I imagine when you were a kid flying on an airplane was an out of reach rare experience, and now it’s like ordering an expensive uncomfortable uber. I remember as a child watching as Apollo put men on the moon, and now space flight is about as routine as a UPS delivery given SpaceX. So happy 9th decade.


Happy birthday and so exciting to see someone in their 90s using this machine. @dan should use you in commercials:-). Maybe I’ll learn a few things more about GF before i get to 90!!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration - maybe more for some of us approaching or in retirement than others because we finally have to admit our time is limited and we can comprehend how much 10 years or 20 more years really is. A kid thinking about life is looking at so many decades they can’t really appreciate the finiteness of our time.

Your journey here has inspired me and gives me hope for what may come.

Wishing you many more vertical years!


Happy birthday :slight_smile: Mostly, yeah what they said.
I did want to call out so many kudos to you embracing advanced technology. So many folks stop adapting after about 50 and they miss out on so much! Imagine how your life would be different if you’d stopped using anything discovered after 1981 :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope this long weekend lets you see friends/family and eat the largest cake/steak/favorite thing to make that you could possibly want!


Happy Birthday!!! Like you, as I get older, I am so glad I continue to keep up with advances in tech. It is definitely harder to catch up than stay current.

I hope you have the most amazing birthday!!!


I still have this image of driving by Punahou High School. I was about 3 and all the kids were just getting out walking with their shoes around their necks. And I was thinking how really old they were. That I would never get that old!


Happy birthday!
Glad you are here sharing this adventure with us!


Well Happy Birthday.

you are following the guidelines of the long lived. what are they you all ask?

  1. stay engaged, follow the news, social functions, doing things
  2. deal with loss, when you are long lived you say good bye to many peers and family members.
  3. stay active.

my wife’s grandmother was a poster child of those 3. and made it to 104 with a decent quality of life up until the last 6 months. I think she was just tired.


You killed me there :rofl: So true!