Too Cold but isn't too cold

2nd time that my machine is showing too cold when it’s the perfect temp. Getting really annoyed. It took several days to get it fixed last time and I am trying to run a business. Also it wrecks materials then too because it usually stops part way through.

WELCOME @squirrelchick !
i think the techs can adjust your sensor on your glowforge not to be as ‘sensitive’ - (remotely) stand by i’m sure they will address it quickly

Again, welcome


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Hi @squirrelchick. I’m sorry to see that you are running into some trouble printing due to your Glowforge indicating it is too cold. I just sent a response to your opened email ticket for this same issue. To consolidate communications, I am going to close this thread so we can continue working through email. I’ll look forward to your response through there. Thank you!