Too cold help

Glowforge first said it was cooling during a cut after 10 minutes I wanted over 40 minutes it would not restart. When I cancelled the machine now says too cold

Temp I. Room is 74 temp outside is 63 it is not too cold

Turned off tried again same error

On the left side of your Glowforge within the case, you’ll see the coolant tank and pump. Nearby is this wire which is connected to the temperature sensor. If it’s poking out a bit too much, the drag chain for the laser arm, circled to the right of it, can bump into it as the arm moves forward and back. If that’s happening it can cause spurious temperature errors when there is no temperature problem. That’s something you can check while waiting on tech support to get back to you.

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Seems like it isn’t hitting anything still same error

Looks like wires are not connected

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I think we’ve found the problem. Now you just need tech support to take a look at that photo and let you know the next steps to getting it fixed.

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yep, those are clearly not connected. hope you get it going soon!


Wish I could fix it myself :frowning: waiting sucks

Hi @staceylynne - just following up to close the loop here since we’ve spoken about this in chat.

With this wiring being damaged and you still being covered by warranty, I’ll be following up with you via email shortly to walk through how we can get this taken care of for you. Thanks!