"Too Cold" Message

It did, just did not include a sample picture.

I understand what you’re going through. Sorry this is happening to you at this time. I’m looking at that yellow/orange button as well. Maybe they can look at it on their end before having us go through the same steps again and have us up and running tonight. Please

From your mouth to God’s ears my friend. :pray:

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Yeah, I saw that and understood that they probably wanted the pic but they never actually asked for it. Since there was no example provided the OP didn’t provide a picture looking down on the circuit board which is what I assume Support would want.

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Yeah, my imagination did a couple of tight circles…


You don’t want to leave the vent hose hooked up to a vent all the time for two reasons. The first is that air drawn in through the vent pre-heats or cools the GF. The other is that in the summer, when it’s humid, that moist air gets sucked in to the GF which is inside and cooler (especially if you have airconditioning) and that humidity condenses on everything inside the machine, slowly but inevitably corroding circuit boards and connectors and stepper motor bearings.

Order a “magnetic dryer vent” hose coupler off Amazon and use that to make/break the vent hose connection to the outside world. I have a flat piece of steel plate that the magnets attract, I put over the opening when the hose isn’t connected so the outside vent isn’t venting inside my house. Connect the GF when I intend to use it, disconnect the GF when it’s not in use.


Thank you for the tip! I will definitely look into doing that.

Any update?

I have a external fan that continuously pumps air outside so no air come in. The exhaust also has flaps that make the passage one way as well. I am in Florida and the whole house is a sieve so the air loss is not critical, where yours might be, but a flap that could seal against reversed air flow would be of benefit.

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Its been 4 days since support last asked me to send them picture and I haven’t heard word since. Is this suppose to be acceptible??
And I know for a fact I am not the only one annoyed with the support from GF. Others have said wait your turn. Ok. 4 days now… how long?

That seems like a bit long…I wonder if your electrons got waylaid in the Intertubes? :grimacing:


Have you heard anything from support yet? Are you talking to them through email?

Seems like this ticket has gotten lost in the system. Maybe flagging @David.W will help – and @Rita for good measure. :wink:

Thank you so much for writing in! I see we’ve been corresponding with you via email for the past week, so I’m going to close this thread and continue working with you there!