"Too Cold"

Hey Guys,

So upon doing some research on this issue, i noticed a few others had the same problem. Im getting a “too cold” error and i cant operate the machine (duh). So im wondering what else can i do besides try to get in contact with GF?

I live in Houston, and its 84 degrees outside, so i know its not the exhaust bringing in any “cold” temps. And my house is 72. Never had this issue before. And ive only owned this machine for 1 month.

Any suggestions?

Might want to check to make sure that the pins in the ribbon cable in the laser arm are correctly inserted…nothing broken or bent.

Other than that, posting here opened a ticket for you. Support will respond when they have taken a look at the logs for the machine and let you know what to do next. :slightly_smiling_face:

got it to work, stuck a hair dryer in there for 2 mins. odd thing is, today isnt even cold. like, its 75 in the house right now and 82 outside.

so it worries me in terms of the future if this issue is going to be intermittent or permanent. and whether or not the sensor inside the machine may be having issues/going bad.

just typing this out for anyone who has issues ive had.

mid print it stopped again with the “too cold” error, it was a 4 min and 52 second job. runtime was only about 1:27 seconds before it decided it was too cold again.

Did you check the pins? One other thing to check is the cable integrity. Make sure all the connections are closed and no wear or kinks/bends on the cables.


yes, everything is snug and tight on the connections, nothing i can see out of the ordinary.

heres what i see, this happened right before initiating the actual cut

Might be a bad temperature sensor, but Glowforge support will need to look at the logs for your machine to identify it. (That’s probably about all you can do until you hear from them.)

Hope it’s an easy fix when they find it. Good luck.

Your unit is not reporting too cold. It is reporting too warm and says it is trying to cool down. Putting the hair dryer in there is going the wrong way.


It does say “too cold” - up there by the time remaining. Doesn’t match the “cooling down” error message, though. This is wonky.


look again

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I’m so sorry for the trouble.

I extracted the logs to investigate the problem you reported, and the logs last night showed a temperature value that was very cold. So cold, it looked like an incorrect sensor reading.

I would have recommended unplugging and replugging the print head, and checking the clips (as @jules suggested), but looking now, the logs are reporting more reasonable numbers.

If you followed @jules advice, and reseated the ribbon cable to the printer head, that might have resolved the problem.

Can you try printing again, and let us know if you’re still having trouble?

As for that combination of errors, I’m sorry for the confusion, I’ve opened an investigation about that.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.