Too many passes than requested

When ever I do detailed projects it passes one more time than requested. It seems to go forward then backwards.

Check your file. It sound like you have double lines.


Did that. Besides wouldn’t do 4 times if I requested 2 instead of 3? Or no?

If cut/score settings are for single pass, then you have two (or more) paths in your file.

This can be caused in many ways, including having the same path on multiple layers.

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Hey @julieogle99, I changed the title a bit. Sorry if it is a distraction. Just my English teacher coming out. And then it popped up and said the title was already in use. Fascinating. So I put in “than requested”

Are you cutting a design?

A couple of ways to double check if you have more than one lines. Look at the info bar and see if it is showing multiple objects or paths instead of one. Also switch to outline mode.

You can select all and ungroup then move a line and see if somethings under or over the top of an existing path.

Did you use a scan or an existing file?

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What program do you use? do you have a screen shot of part of the design you could share?

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Also helps to show a screen shot of the GFUI to give a picture of the operations. That can give us a hint of where to look.

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You can have overlapping lines in a single operation. We had a post here recently where the SVG had 6 layers with identical copies of many parts on each layer.

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It is your file. The Glowforge does what it is told, it does not make up extra passes. Please share the file or a screenshot so we can help.


I’m so sorry for the frustration.

If you have a print that has unexpected behavior, please let us know the time/date of the print and we’ll be happy to check out the logs. Sharing the file may also be helpful.

I extracted the logs to investigate the problem you reported, and I noticed one of your prints just before this post did have two passes selected, but based on your comments here, that may have been intentional testing.

I had 2 passes set but it did 3.


About what time was the print?

Or can you share the design link with me?

I’ll be happy to take a look.

Per my latest follow up in this thread: Laundry list, I’m going to close this thread and you’ll hear from me via email within the next two hours.

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