Laundry list

Ok so I was on chat with GF for the last 30 min with my laundry list of problems.

  1. Inconsistent power cut on the same line.
  2. Pulls up random old jobs while I am sitting here watching the screen and working on a current job.
  3. More passes than requested up to 4.
  4. Put in new wood. Screen shows me wood from very old projects. Have to shut down and restart machine to get accurate image.
    Oh did I mention this is a basic that is less than a week old?

Oh forgot. He did not know what to do. Has to ask higher up.

@julieogle99, yes you do have a laundry list of problems, and if you want to get any of them resolved, you need to stop opening new tickets and go answer the questions on the ones you already have opened.

Every time you open a new ticket, you slow them down, get additional people involved who aren’t aware of what went on before, and they can’t find your previous responses.

So go back to the last open post that you had opened, where there are people already trying to help you, and answer the questions there. You are going to get assistance for your problems, but you really need to stay in one place or you are going to be SOL.

The post you need to respond to is here, just click on the link to go to it:


It is ok. I am waiting on hearing from support at the company. This higher ups I guess. I went through 45 min of various testing with draft board, Good measure, focusing…and more. I actually ment to post this on the facebook page… thanks for responding and sorry for the inconvience.

That’s fine if you choose to work with them directly. (You just want to quit opening tickets and chats, it’s going to really slow the process down for you.)

Good luck with it.


Just wanted to say that for a new GF user your response was not encouraging when it comes to your service. You basically yelled at me. I do not find that helpful at all. Especially for a new user. You could have just explained how this community works.

That’s what I just did. I wasn’t yelling, I was getting the facts to you as quickly as possible. :smile:


Ok just wanted to make sure. Bold is is a tricky thing.

No other way to emphasize it. Most new users don’t read the Troubleshooting guidelines, so they don’t realize that opening multiple tickets and chats can add a phenomenal amount of delay to their problem resolution. The secret is to contact them once, wait to hear from them, and then work with them on that one source…either direct email, one post in the Problems and Support section, or via chat.

Otherwise it completely gums up the works and creates real confusion for the customer (you) when a bunch of people try to help on one thing and the support staff is trying to help on another. Just stick with one problem at a time, and one contact method. You’ll get to the actual resolution much faster.


Just an FYI, @Jules is a fellow user, not GF support (in case it wasn’t obvious).


Why, what are you implying? :innocent:

(Yes, I’m a customer, who gets pretty quick answers from support. Just sharing the method.)


Maybe you don’t realize yet that when you open a new thread in Problems and Support you are starting a new support ticket.

Every ticket opened requires additional time and attention from the support staff, which slows their ability to respond to you and to other people who are waiting for help. That’s why @jules is telling you to try to keep your communications in one place instead of continually opening additional tickets. There are other people waiting for help, too, and it’s not fair to them to keep doing things that slow down the process.


Please delete this post. Thank You and any of my other posts so there is no confusion.

That’s one aspect of it, but it’s not the only one. Every time a customer opens a new ticket, they have to start over again at the beginning and rerun any tests that need to be gotten out of the way and bring another customer service rep up to speed …it can literally triple or quadruple the time that it takes to get the problem solved.

And that really winds up frustrating the customers even worse.

So @julieogle99, what you can do as a customer to speed up the resolution of your issue is run the tests that support asks for and get them the answers they need as soon as you see the questions. They will not proceed with the analysis until they see the results of the tests they ask for. (They need to see the test results to eliminate certain problems and there is a method they use to eliminate the most common problems first.) If you don’t provide the results, they are going to set your problem aside and come back to it later after they have gone and solved some other people’s problems. And that might be the next day or the day after that if you still haven’t answered the questions. After about a week of no response from you, they will close the thread. If you don’t answer anywhere when they ask you something, your issue isn’t going to be resolved at all, it will just be closed.

(So when I told you above to stay on the original thread, and answer the questions asked, those are quite literally, the steps you need to be taking. It’s possible that because you have opened so many tickets, everyone working on it will assume that someone else is resolving it, and the ball might get dropped.)

One thing that you might not recognize yet though…if you see a post with a yellow background color, that is a direct post from the Glowforge support staff, and that is the one that you need to be following and answering any questions they ask. They can see more than we can, and will usually try to steer you to the quickest tests to analyze the problem. In your first thread, there is a post from @MarcM that has questions in it. You need to answer those questions, including the information on the date and the time of the problem prints, so that they can pull the logs to try to determine what is causing the issues.

What i would do if I were in your position, is go back to that thread and answer every one of Marc’s questions…you can ignore the ones from the other customers. Having the answers there will keep the thread open in at least one place, and they can proceed with the analysis if they still need some of that information.

This is the direct link to his post…just answer it over there. Support is going to need to close this one, it doesn’t add anything to the resolution of your problem.


My plan is to keep these issues separated on their own threads, but if you’d prefer another alternative, I’d be happy to oblige.

Updated: Diff. intensities during a cut - #25

I’m afraid we’ll need more information to investigate further.

If possible, could you please send me a screenshot of what you see in the Glowforge app when this happens? Make sure to include the rulers in your screenshot and show as much of the bed as possible

To take a screenshot:

  • Mac: Press Shift-Command-4 and click and drag a box around your image. You’ll find the screenshot file saved on your desktop.
  • Windows: Click on the Start Menu and type “snipping tool”. Open the Snipping Tool > New then click and drag a box around your image. Click the Save icon and name and save your file.

Send us the screenshot, and we’ll be happy to take a look.

Another option might be to take a short video of what you’re seeing

In either case, I’d be happy to take a look.

Updated: Too many passes than requested - #10

I extracted the logs to investigate the problem you reported, and the only failed bed images I saw were because the lid is open.

How long is it taking to update the bed image after closing the lid? It it just taking longer than you expect?

If you have trouble with it not updating at all, let me know the time/date and I’ll be happy to check out the logs.

Wrap Up

Let me know if I’ve missed anything, or if you have any other questions.

Finally, I’m glad to hear your settings came back when the outage was over, so I’ve updated and closed that other thread: Lost all settings - #5


I still cannot use this doorstop of a machine. I am about to request a full refund.

If you’ll answer the questions Support has asked you, they can troubleshoot and hopefully get you up and running again. If you don’t answer their questions, it will just keep being a doorstop. :blush:


I can see that Pip was already working with you last week and waiting for the results of some additional troubleshooting, which he asked for in the following threads:

Diff. intensities during a cut (response received - chat log from 11/6)

Camera makes wood look warped (still awaiting response)

Too many passes than requested (still awaiting response)

The last response we received from you in the email thread where he explained this was a request to return your unit. We’re happy to replace your unit as applicable under warranty, but before we can, we need to identify a cause for the issues. To identify a cause, we need to do more troubleshooting. Since this thread was posted, I can see that you’ve responded here with a chat log from November 6th, before Pip reached out via email: Diff. intensities during a cut

Unfortunately Pip is out of the office today, but I’ll be looking through the troubleshooting that’s already been done and the chat log that you pasted into that thread right now. I’ll also be closing open threads and moving troubleshooting into the email thread, to minimize confusion.

Please expect a response from me via email within the next two hours. Having various open threads does slow things down considerably, so please refrain from opening new threads and tickets with support until I’ve had a chance to respond there. Also, since troubleshooting will continue via email, I’ll be closing this topic now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. You’ll hear from me soon.