Tool boxes, pelicans, and such



I’m a little awed by all the creative things I’ve seen on here so far, but one of my reasons for ordering a GF is to allow me to organize as well as create.
I’m fascinated by using Kaizen foam to fill tool box drawers. (Or even spices in the kitchen? Hmmm) I figure since it can’t hold a full sized sheet it could be pieced in quarters with the dove tail like the globe. Anyone else interested in this use?
This is what I have in mind.


It’s on my to-do list.

Here an older threads about this topic:


I have hand cut one sheet of Kaizen and definitely look fwd to being able to cut it more precisely. Don’t forget that you can take thin plywood and make interlocking organizers as well.


If you’re looking for spice organization, while using the Glowforge, I would highly recommend something like the below. Not mine, but I built something very similar and my wife and I absolutely love it.

I keep looking at Kaizen foam but it looks like it would be really expensive to fill a tool box with the stuff.


I’m in! That’s a pretty tight idea!


That’s one of my main use cases. I’d also like to make storage racks for various metalworking shop tools and storage cabinets for shop projects.


Yes please!


Hmm… I’ve never seen this but I’ll be making some for our cabinets


There is a lot to like about that design. I’m thinking that (among lots of other stuff!) will be on my list when it arrives. There are several places for foam online and pelican cases are starting to show up at consignment stores and such so the options are improving.


Side bonus… I’m pretty sure most generic spice jars will fit in the Glowforge. We’ll just need to whip up a jig to keep them stationary.


Maybe a variation of this: