Tool holder



Hey folks,

Just saw this on Facebook. It’s a tool holder. I swear it was a cake stand in a previous life.



sprinkle lightly with sawdust before serving


That concept is going to be one of my first GF :glowforge: projects.


I have a smaller one I use for paint brushes…
Its pack n go so easily fits in my kit


I want one (whine voice)…so did you see plans, svg files, etc.? - Rich


Sadly no. But it just seems a couple of circles and some notches. Something for someone to design for the catelog.


Need it! :sunglasses:


I want one that hangs on a wall. All horizontal surfaces already covered.


I now require one of these. It definitely fits into the realm of Adam Savages first order retrievability. And I will know if one of my tools are missing immediately upon walking into my office. However, I did just get a toolset for my girlfriend for christmas, so it might not happen as much now. Hopefully…


vague thoughts of a murphy-bed style tool organizer. Not fully realized. Would not be able to sit flush to the wall when closed in order to have space for the tools. Unless you cut into the drywall and mounted it in between some studs. Hmmm.


Me too.
And as @marmak3261 said, we are going to need layout/assembly/soldering space.

I also ended up with one of the hospital bed trays on wheels that raise and lower. The top lowers enough to roll under counter space for storage.
It occurred to me after I used the heavy duty glides to build a pull-out shelf for my forge, the idea would make great pull-out desk space when needed.


The concept “unfolds” to flat wall hangers quite well. I have cnc’d several but a laser will be able to bang them out so much faster and easier.

Pinterest is your friend.


I love this. Mine will have a tapered roller bearing on the base so that it can turn easy with the tool weight.


yup, me too!


I just picture the Youtube video of some idiot attaching a motor and playing “tool dodge” with friends… :dizzy_face::wrench: :hammer:


This is definitely something someone can bang out SVGs for in a hurry.

I like the way you think!
//goes to find small motor//


I need it! But knowing me I will lose so much time trying to remember, “what was supposed to be in that slot :cold_sweat: oh wait! I haven’t bought that tool yet!”


I’ve been feeling this problem recently. Too many tabletop tools, not enough tabletops.


I feel you, I have a former bedroom and 1/3 of our small out building and am in serious need of horizontal space.


more outbuildings!