Toolbotics Tooli - it slices, it dices


How has the Tooli not been discussed here?

I just stumbled across the Toolbotics Tooli Gen2 while playing YouTube videos in the background while doing other tasks. It supposedly does scoring for glass cutting and paper crafts, a rotary tool, an airbrush, pick-n-place, drawing with markers, “dispensing”, and who knows what all else. The airbrush is what particularly caught my attention.

Here’s video about the Gen1 version. Gen2 is due out soon.

Got my delivery!

Can’t decide what sells it most for me: pick and place or the icing squirter. Large format for a drag knife too!


So many options! It was definitely the airbrush that stands out but the icing squirter was pretty cool. The pick and place is neat but I can’t think of a piratical use for it.


Oh yeah, I’ll have to grab one of those next for sure! :wink:


I don’t know how it’s been missed but now I want one!


That’s great! Could see a lot of fun uses for this, would love to see if it could do pick and place PCB stuff


was a kickstarter that funded August 2015

I think we all had a lot of Glowforge Fever back then? Delivery looks to have completed around June 2016.


That’s Gen1. They are apparently about to release the second generation. Did you get a Gen1? Does it live up to expectations?


Whoa. At first I was like, “Meh, just some 80/20…can’t be that accurate.” If the video is proof of what they can do, then DANG! I’m interested! :smiley: Gonna need a bigger shop!


nope. But trying to explain how we might have missed it.


Sorry. Wasn’t sure if you meant “I was” or “It was”.


Watched the video. Cool stuff. What’s the $$?


I saw something that suggested the Gen1 was around $3K to $4K. Haven’t been able to find out much about the new version.


You guys are the biggest bunch of enablers I’ve ever met! But I don’t mind. I want one of these!


Oooh the Gen2 will have a rotary tool and a hot knife for cutting Styrofoam ! Have to keep an eye on that…


I see the plan is to go open source, so I’d bet the diy version will be a fraction of that.
What do you guys call that type of aluminium extrusion ?
I think it has a generic name ?




Many thanks for the link. Now bookmarked.


Like so many things, before you buy online it might be worth a look to see if there’s a T-slot distributor in your area. Harder to shop at 2 in the morning, but you might get better service and save on shipping.

Grainger has it too.


A quick look at both online catalogues shows about 30% difference for the same product, so I’ll need to look carefully at shipping costs before I start down that path.
But one for the future, I think.