TOPICS for 3-day GLOWFORGE EVENT in California

Hoping you all can help me out. I’m planning a 3-day GF “Summit” (Mar. 4-6). There are 8 different break-out sessions throughout the weekend. We have experts in all areas of GF Land. This is NOT a hands-on learn to use/clean/fix your laser but more of a collaborative event to help everyone move a step forward in their skill level and all around knowledge. Here are some of the topics that have been discussed.
What would you want covered if you came?


I would do a panel on ‘pimping my glowforge’ - custom mods to expand the use of one.
If I could rent a van, and drive to LA from Las Vegas, I would being along Frankenforge



Good news is that’s it’s about an hour closer to you than LA. Come on out, I’d love to see frakenforge in person! You can keep it at my house :rofl::rofl:


Mouths and noses


Very first bullet point does cover masking…


If I was new to Glowforge ownership and had not been active on this official forum, I suspect many of these topics would be useful.

no nO NO That people need to wear a mask at the event



Well I am looking for input. There are plenty people coming that aren’t brand-new so…whatcha got? :blush:

What I think doesn’t matter - I’d be polling the registered attendees for what they would expect for their time and money.

There’s little on that list that hasn’t been discussed here dozens of times. I’ve covered most of those topics in a few hours of private lessons online.

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Ok. The registered attendees are being polled. There are questions in the registration form. Just thought I’d check with you forum users that seem super kind and knowledgeable.

My focus has always been on design software, specifically inkscape.

Many owners have never used design apps before and the concepts are not always intuitive.

The GFUI is pretty simple. A few minutes on layout and settings was usually sufficient.


I would be interested in learning more about making things with wood. Painting techniques, materials used to paint (makeup sponges, baby wipes, etc.) when to mask, gluing, other finishing options, best types for what, etc. since my stuff just looks okay and I know there are people who are wood gurus. I know there is lots of info out there, but seeing examples in person, along with tips and techniques. Maybe since people are more advanced special interests like working with wood, a session on working with acrylic might be good? I’ve seen posts where people have never tried acrylic so maybe something materials based. Also, there’s always questions on how to glue acrylic so Weld-on, super glue, 3M, what works best for which type of projects, etc. Also, dealing with projects that have tons of pieces, how to generate the pieces in the different colors or materials to make the best use of materials and then put them back together again. Multi-layered, barn quilts, etc. One of the reasons I don’t attempt terribly complex projects is I don’t think I can keep track of what goes where. Find the people who have made the biggest items with their Glowforge, with and without the passthrough and show some ginormous items and how they were made to make people stretch their imagination and challenge themselves. Then the tiniest items with the most detail or most delicate materials to show the range of what can be done. Okay, I put in my two cents and thanks for asking! Maybe this will spark some other suggestions! I hope I can make it and thanks for putting this event together! I hope it will be a huge success!


actually I would love lessons on dye sublimation printing on materials, woods, acrylics, UV printing, using an inkjet printer and a heat press to get images / colors on to them.



Okay, I came up with one more. Something like 50 items you can make using the Premium features only. For people who are paying for Premium and want to get more out of it or use it to make new items and need some inspiration.


I’d look for tutorials on unique/specific techniques like letterpress, stained glass, 3D engraves, etc. The things listed wouldn’t interest me as I have experience in most of those areas. I’d be looking for things that go outside of the same old round signs, engraved tiles, and push the envelope of what can be done.


YES! I def don’t take advantage of the Premium. I would like to learn how to maximize it more.

3 DAY GLOWFORGE EVENT is almost at max capacity. If you are interested in learning a whole lot in a short amount of time and walking away with 59 new friends and supporters, please join us!


whats the situation for people out of town, nearby hotels? etc?

Hi, I am interested in 3 days event can you please send me information on the location and how can I join this event

@kcohendesign you should send this as a private message, now your going to get phone calls and emails, about extended warranties