TOT Do you think t-shirt material would be ok for outdoor garden flag?

I want to make this into a “garden flag” that would hang outside rain, snow, etc. but not sure that t-shirt is the best (stretchy)…would ironing it to another fabric make it more durable for hanging outside? Really hope someone can come up with an idea of how to do this…think the neighbors would get a chuckle…and who can’t use a chuckle now-a-days?

Will cut to size… just idle wondering…just seems to perfect not to put on my garden flag and put outside. LOL Thanks for any suggestions



It probably wouldn’t last very long depending on weather, but even in pretty bad weather it’d probably last at least a couple of months…

If you want something that will last closer to a year you can buy canvas by the yard at most fabric stores - that’s not stretchy at all, but it is hearty.

For outdoor use look for fabrics by Sunbrella - you can often find some at Joann or other larger fabric stores.


I don’t have the design though to put on a different material. Just wasn’t sure how tshirt fabric would hold up…maybe if I wait a bit they will show it again made out of another fabric like an apron or something

Oh! I get what you’re saying now. T-shirt fabric does not hold up well outside. You have the image in your original post, silkscreen it onto something better. This process works and is super fun!

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I wish…but it’s not my file, it was from from an independent artist. The file is not available to purchase but the shirt is. Was hoping the t-shirt material would hold up to weather, or maybe there is a way to weather proof it.

I have actually done silk screening before — it was exhausting work as I was making double-sided t-shirts for my racing team (thank goodness only 1 color!!) Luckily I was a member of a makerspace that had lots of big tables; so I went when they weren’t busy and spread all the shirts out (once I got the screen cured and such of course) over the majority of the tables.

Maybe will come out with an Apron or a Bag that might be sturdier that I can turn into a flag…I am haunting the page daily. :wink: Thanks everyone for the ideas!

Note: I did buy the shirt and it arrived today. :slight_smile:


I applaud your reverence for legal use of art. Perhaps you can write to the artist and ask them to put their design on one of the print on demand sites like Cafe Press or Zazzle?

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I have my hard drive set up so that I know even before opening a file folder whether it is commercial use. In my GF folder if it might have the folder named “GF User Files Do Not Sell” — meaning do not sell items (I already know digital files are not for sale). Places where I get commercial are specified with “commercial” and are grouped by website (i.e. Creative Fabrica). I do this, even though I don’t sell commercially. I have done some in the past where it is a logo for a club and there is money given back to the club and the rest to the 501c3 (I only hold out laser time to help pay for replacement of tube and supply cost). Right now the GF is my hobby, more than anything I make things for my family and sometimes friends. I have it organized on my drive this way just in case I ever change my mind, then there won’t be any doubt. :wink: …Thank you.


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