Trace function: why is it recognizing the line as a form?

I am trying to use the trace function to cut something I drew on paper.
The glowforge is not cutting on the line, but cutting on the both sides of the line as if the line itself is a form. Does this make sense? For example, if I trace a triangle and press cut, I should just be getting a negative shape of a triangle on the material and a positive shape of a triangle. Right? but in addition to that, i am getting positive line shape of a triangle too. Any advice is welcome. Please help!


Hey welcome!

Unfortunately that’s how it’s supposed to work. It assumes everything, even lines, are shapes to be engraved.

What you’re after is what’s called a “centerline trace” and can be done in standalone vector editors like inkscape, illustrator and affinity designer.

There are a number of threads with more info about this topic, you can find them with a quick search:

Good luck!


Welcome to the forum @campwalkercrafts. I have two suggestions as this happened to me too. (1) When using the Trace function it is important that the object you drew is a closed figure. Make sure the ends of the line meet, expand the picture to 200% and make sure. (2) make sure you are only clicking on one side of the object when it asks you what you want to cut out. I hope this fixes the issue for you.


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