Tracking numbers


Are there any tracking numbers being sent out this week? 21 Days since my “would you like your glowforge now?” email.


The current data suggests 21-28 agonizing days of wait between the two. They sent out a bunch of golden emails, and it appears delivery times are pushed back a bit.
Expect your shipping info soon!


21 days today for me as well. Sadly I can’t use UPS Mychoice, so I sit here in anticipation. (and my refresh key is about to wear out.)


I guess the real question is, Does the glowforge team shut down for a week b/c turkey day or not?


They are still moving. My forge shipped out last night with a scheduled delivery for tomorrow. I had to have it held until I return. :disappointed:

Oh, and so far no tracking numbers.


Received my GF yesterday, which put me at 27 days since the email. So might be another week for you, sorry.


24 days for me. :sunglasses:


We’ll see - today is my projected golden email day. :slight_smile:

I’m also ordering more PG - ran out of med Cherry Ply making reindeer. :frowning: For the past few months Maple and Draftboard were my go-to materials. Now I’m liking the color of Cherry for the holiday stuff. :slight_smile:

Need to wear out the PRU tube before they take it back :smile:


Day 26 after golden email. No tracking for the forge here.


I’m also at day 26 after golden email with no tracking info.
Getting very anxious.


I’m on day 25 since the golden email. I assume they won’t be working the day after Thanksgiving, so I’m guessing it will be late next week before I see anything about my Pro shipping.

It looks like basics are shipping out in two weeks on the spreadsheet, so I wonder if they ran out of some of the pro parts and waiting for a new batch (Dan did mention in his Nov. email that if they run out of a part specific to pro or basic they switch the line to the other model).


I wish that were true, but I’m on day 26 waiting for a Basic model.


Pro here. Looks like some kind of slow-down on something. :confused:


got my initial email on 11/1 and got my tracking numbers today


I got my e-mail 21 days ago also. The only thing I have seen is the proof grade. And I did not get a email for it shipping till it had already been at my house for 2 days. Make sure you have UPS my choice app. Because it will let you know when it is shipped. It will maybe ship within the month of December. :slight_smile:


Pro or basic?


Day 25 since email for me, no tracking yet, nothing on UPS My Choice.




I got my email on 10/25 and my pro arrived on 11/20 (PA). The shipping notification email came 11/14.


Hmmm… I got my golden email on 10/30 and have not seen any shipment notification for the forge. I have had the PG materials for 2 weeks yesterday.

Maybe today is the day!