Tracking/Shipment for Warranty Replacement (Pro Unit)

Good afternoon! I had some troubles with our Pro unit and after some back and forth and trying a cable replacement I was told that our unit was not fixable and that we’d receive a replacement unit under the warranty. The icing on the cake they told me I qualified for a special exception and that they could ship me my replacement rather than waiting for the my current unit to arrive back. Awesome! Well, that was 10 days ago and my support ticket isn’t being responded to. I already shipped back the original unit right away a week ago and I’ve yet to receive any form of shipping details or delivery details. So now, I’ve been without my Glowforge for over two weeks. I’m losing money every day and I’m having to cancels orders because I can’t make any of the items in my shop without a glowforge… There’s not a phone number to call, so, what are my next steps?

I’m really frustrated that I’m not getting any responses and that my warranty isn’t being handled in good faith… This was a huge investment for us and to get good word of mouth up front on how the warranty was going to be handled and then end up like this is crazy…

If you’re not hearing from support, it’s because they don’t have any information to share.

Support does not ship machines, or have shipping info. There isn’t a warehouse full of these sitting around, a machine may not have been available. The facility that assembles and ships them will send it as soon as it is available. If you sign up for FedEx and UPS shipping notifications, you will receive an email as soon as the machine ships.

Hi @joshua.d.luth - I’m sorry for the delay in responding to you. I see that we reached out to you today on the status of the order. As we are communicating with you via email for your order, I’m going to close this out.