Trade? Free Materials for runtime, Glowforgers in Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR

I’ve got some Birch, MDF and acrylic that I’d like to get cut settings dialed in on. We owned two Glowforge Pros before we switched to larger Laguna Lasers. Now given, the quantities of wood that we are buying we’re considering starting a “blanks” business. I was going to go to Joann Fabric’s to just rent some time on the machines, but none of the local ones are up and running.

If you’d be open to allowing me to dial in some cut settings on this material I’d be happy to pay you for the time and/or give you some material. DM me your contact info. Thanks!

Acrylic would probably just be Proofgrade acrylic settings, and mdf would be draftboard settings. You need someone to test the birch for you, however.


Thanks! Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. MDF is pretty inconsistent because they make it differently with different amounts of glue and I know how frustrating it is when it scorches. Fortunately we found a REALLY consistent supplier so once I get these settings dialed for our customers we’ll be good to go! Are you in the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR Area? Thanks!

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No, not close.

If it’s true Baltic birch ply at 3mm thick, the medium maple plywood setting works very well. (Sorry I’m nowhere near the or/wa border)


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