Traditional Archery "Shot of the Month"



just fun among friends
also keeps the beer cold longer



Is that PAPYRUS? Did you just carelessly go down the list of fonts and randomly pick it from the list??


Looks great!




Those are indeed sharp-looking, @ranger.mctague !!!


Oh gawd…here we go again. The poor dead font horse.


I couldn’t resist. My Ex did her Hair Salon Logo with Papyrus.

This in contrast, looks nice.


If you say thats the reason why shes your EX, I think half the internet would give you a high five for that lol


Am I missing something?

I believe it is papyrus?
What’s wrong with using the font - I basically just went down the list and found something that I like.


Just ignore the font snark. You did good. Keep them coming. And whatever you do, don’t do a search on the forum for “papyrus font”, unless you want to feel like the first kid to go out in the spelling bee.


Some…opinioned creative types have become appalled at the overuse of certain fonts in various use cases. Papyrus and comic sans getting the most hate. It’s not just here
I’ve seen it in RL. I do what you just did. :+1: Oh. They also hate the times New Roman having been used in every business report and high school report for the last 17 years.


I actually like Papyrus.


You just won the forum for the week! I I’m ded. Go to YouTube and search Saturday night live and papyrus.
You and a famous director have this in common.

BTW, love the ribbons.


She wanted it in bold as well, and it dosent have a proper bold as it seems to be a font family of one (Bastard font). Some apps will fake the bold for you, others, not so much.

THE reason? No. But it was one of those things that made her a horrible person.


James Cameron and Joss Whedon both used it for movie posters.


Holy fontocalyse! I was thinking of Cameron. Why had I never noticed Whedon?


I submit all resumes in Jokerman. Still waiting to land that dream job…


I should have been more upfront with my reply. It was ME who started the whole ‘uproar’ on this forum by using Papyrus font on something I posted a few months back. It was a torrent of remarks unleashed by all the ‘font police’ on here and it had died down…until now. I also happen to like Papyrus, too…and I’m guessing we may be in the minority, but you know what… I don’t care! And your project looks terrific!


I actually like Papyrus.

:clap: :smiley:


Were I not retired and trying to land a job…perhaps Hooked on Booze?