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Hi, I have 2 lasers, my GF and then a Mira 9. I am and will still be using my GF. Is there any way to transfer some of the GF designs so I can also print them on my other laser? I see others selling GF designs on Etsy. ( I will NOT be doing that) so I figure there is a way.

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You simply open the designs on each machine. If for some odd reason you created separate accounts for each machine, then save and load them. If they are catalog designs then, no, it cannot be done.


yes, they are catalog designs. I figured I couldn’t, but it was worth a shot

I just realized a Mira is another machine entirely. No, Glowforge designs have you locked in to their system, they are not able to be exported. A waste of money considering the machine is only expected to last a couple of years.

I am a catalog designer. I would love if the catalog designs could be printed on other laser machines.

Some of the designers do sell their files on other platforms.

All of my designs are Glowforge exclusive —I do not make the projects to sell and I do not sell the files.

Perhaps you could contact the designer and their file is not a Glowforge exclusive.

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