Transfer Tape Dispenser

I was working on Glowforging a smaller version of something similar for heat tape and various rolls of other tape (i just haven’t finished it yet) and am using a hacksaw blade (similar to the aluminum foil box idea as mentioned above by @kizby ). :smiley:

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The first design for this one actually was more like a regular tape dispenser with a blade I made out of acrylic. I found that cutting the transfer tape before applying it to the medium was a bit more difficult. (hence why this is the 5th version). Making smaller versions for Heat tape and other tapes seems like a good idea, even to make one that holds multiple rolls of tape side by side.


Ohh that’s a great point!

Yeah that’s what I was going to do - make it for multiple rolls of tape side by side. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I fight with the transfer tape constantly -I’m afraid my coordination has always been sub-optimal. I am going to try this with the addition of holes to clamp it down.


have you seen the cold laminator machines that apply masking? Something like that might help you.



This is my dispenser, which is admittedly not laser-cut, but it predates my Glowforge… I made this when I got my vinyl cutter. I have done some large commercial windows signs and needed to apply giant swathes of transfer tape smoothly.

I do clamp it to the work table… it is so much easier to use when you can pull on the paper with 2 hands. (I’ll actually wrap the end of the paper on a yardstick or other w-i-d-e implement so I can hold and pull that instead of the paper itself… makes it easier to get a good pull without tearing.)

The bar in front is so you can pull the paper up and out instead needing to pull it straight off the roll. The commercial designs I looked at all worked this way and it worked for me.



I have a length of PVC pipe that I use occasionally in the same manner. nice and lightweight!


Non stick,too.

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