Transfer tape?

So what do you guys use for non PG wood? I stole my wife’s paper from her Cricut but ran out and Amazon no longer sells anything that looked similar…


The term you want is “masking”.


There are some other suggestions here: Materials Masking Suggestions

I’ve been using the EnduraMASK MHT 130 Medium-High Tack Transfer Tape from but the other brands are just as good. (I bought this one only because I was lucky enough to find it super cheap; only $20 for a 300 ft roll thanks to the combination of a coupon and a really good sale price.)


Gave it a shot and ordered, thanks!


It’s good stuff been using it now for nearly 2 years.

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Keep in mind that stuff is pressure activated. If you just roll it on with your hands it’ll stick until 10 seconds before the laser passes over that area. You can order cheap plastic blades to push it down - or use the edge of a credit card - or I use the laser cut edge of a piece of wood - something where you can apply flat even pressure to the entire sheet is an absolute necessity.


yeah it sure is, I tried it on a textured metal blade and not even close to sticking, had to go to masking tape…

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