Transferring Iron On Sneaker Stencil to Shoe

Hello everyone, I am trying to use the proofgrade Eco iron on to make stencils for customizing shoes, the projects look amazing UNTIL i have to transfer them on to the shoe, originally tried putting the iron in directly onto the shoe and using heat to transfer and it causes sticking to the shoe… so i wanted to try using transfer tape to stick the design on for an easy peel off and when i do that i can’t get the design off the transfer tape and on to the shoe. am i using the right product? does anyone have success with placing iron on stencils onto leather shoes? thank you

The Eco Iron-On is intended to permanently fuse onto a substrate (fabric/shirt/shoe). If you want a stencil that can be removed after applying something through it, you might want another material.

I am not sure exactly what. Polyester sticker material might work, depending on the specifics of your project.

Thin mylar is popular for stencils and, could work, depending on how much flexibility you need.

You might even be able to cut a stencil from masking tape and, apply it with transfer tape.

For a very detailed design, I might use a photo stencil (like a silkscreen or the Ikonart stuff).

If you want to share your design and a photo of the shoes, it might help people envision other solutions for you.


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Do you want the eco iron on to stick to the shoe? Can you share a photo or sketch of your desired outcome?

There are other products similar to the eco iron on that you might consider. One of them is Siser Easyweed HTV. If you try HTV, make sure it clearly states on its label that it is laser friendly. Many iron on products for vinyl cutters are not laser safe.


Not for what you’re describing. Eco-Iron On (and other brands of HTV) are meant to be the final product, not a stencil.

Unless you are trying to stencil around a curvy part of the sneaker, regular cardstock sprayed with removable adhesive like Krylon Easy Tack or 505 Quilters Adhesive better.

If you’re going for the curvy part, wide high tack masking tape would be better.


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