Travel Carbles Game

In our travels we became friends with a couple from Minnesota. When we visited them they introduced us to a game that appears to be quite popular up north. It is a little bit like the game Sorry (pronounced Sore-ey up north) except you use a deck of cards and marbles (or markers). We liked the game so much we wanted to introduce our Texas friends to the game. It’s too large to make one in my Glowforge unless I made it in pieces (hmmm). So we ordered our own Carbles board.

Then I decided that I needed one for when we travel. It is a great way to meet people. I used veg tanned leather for the two sides (four players on one side, six on the other). Sandwiched between the two layers of leather is a sheet of black acrylic to stiffen it up and cover the holes. I am going to have to come up with some different markers since the marbles don’t sit far enough in the holes and are too close together and are easily knocked off the board. That will be a project for the Glowforge on another day.

After dyeing and sewing this is how it turned out.


I know that game as “aggravation”, but really they’re all varieties of parcheesi.

Kind of cool to see a local variant.


Thanks, that is good to know.

It looks like you could use the reconfigurable board idea seen in Pegs and Jokers, e.g. Pegs & Jokers


Yes, that is a good one. Somewhat of a paradigm shift.

That looks great! I love seeing things like this! Takes me back to my childhood when we had a closet stacked from floor to ceiling with board games! Lol




We played a lot of Aggravation growing up. The name could be quite fitting.