Tray Puzzle 5


Here’s another for you.
The engraves are on separate layers so you can choose what density you want to engrave them.

I can see myself having fun with this design in the future by making it look like a bee hive and adding a few cartoon bees. :bee:

Discussion of the May '17 Update

I love this one. Thanks!!!


My first thought was @markevans36301 and the logo for his Bee Sharp knife sharpeners.


What if you added a score to every line to make it even harder


That’s a must.


That’s what I did on the previous one but it cut too deep. I will when I make it myself and have control over power settings.


I REALLY like this one. It was worth waiting for (though I really like 6, too).


If we get Q*bert to jump on it will it change colors?


3D engrave potential :slightly_smiling_face:


Q*bert was my first thought too.

Funny, cause I think I’m gonna go see DJ QBert in concert tomorrow evening.




I really like this one!!

I etched with masking on…we’ll see if that was a mistake…lol

Not the best idea…this was 2 tries…lol

May hit this with a coat of shellac (aka bug poop)
But looks pretty nice on raw baltic birch…


Really nice job on this. I can’t wait until we get engrave control back again on the GF.


But how could you take the mask off before etching without moving everything?
Super job by the way. :smiley:


I generally do etching first then apply mask before cutting. I do it on the bed being careful not to move the material…
And BTW. I darkened the greys to 25% and 50%…they were too light to notice before. Might even be better contrast to go darker still.


Great @ian! Thank you for sharing these!


This is my favorite so far. It reminds me of a hexagon puzzle we had when I was a kid of a sand dune. it was near impossible.


That looks so good!


This is really an Awesome Puzzle @ian
You are so Generous to share it.
@smcgathyfay The engrave/cut turned out Amazing too!
I can’t wait to cut it when my Glowforge arrives.

Bookmarked until then…


I’m feeling lost (maybe discourse ui?)… where are the downloads for this? Really fun opart design =)