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As of 12/22/2017, the max focus is 0.5" from the bed height. Looks like your box is 0.029" too high for the current capabilities of the GF.

Given that you have a one-of-a-kind target, probably not worth the risk. OTOH, you could shim up a piece of scrap to be the equivalent height and see if it will work-- don’t think it will, as the final depth/focus determination is made by the red laser dot during the scanning phase, but I could be mistaken.


if this is true its pretty upsetting as we were told that 2" was the spec for max material height


Also make sure that the object you want to engrave will not be hit by the air assist scoop. This is hard to see unless you open the front door and look straight under the head.

Can you remove the lid of the box you want to engrave?


Actually, the original listed max height was 1.5" at the beginning of the campaign. As the design matured, they saw that they would eventually be able to take it to a max of 2". The max cutting area is listed as 11.5 x 20, but it’s not quite to that yet. The current limitations are expected to change, as described in detail in the acceptance email…


it just barely clears the air assist. & its the bottom of the box so dismantling it wouldn’t help


it seems were going to be shy of that 2" mark by about an 1/8" then


Some engraving techniques use a slightly unfocused beam. I would echo @dwardio and place some scrap at that height and try engraving your desired design. Try to use a wood as similar to the box as possible.

You are firmly into the realm of experimentation here! Have fun!

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Hi All, this has been updated to the latest allowed focus area. File links have been replaced.


Thanks, newbies, this is great. I love this place, I check the boards everyday and find something useful everyday.


Don’t know how I missed this… Nice work man!


Agreed - I don’t know how I missed this either. Thanks!

Love the pew pew zone. :slight_smile:


I think I finally understand ! :rofl:
So, if I’m not mistaken, it’s impossible to cut through a 1.111 " (3 cm) wooden board.
Is it correct? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That is correct. You can engrave on it, but you cannot cut through it with this laser.


I bet you could get through 1.111" balsa… It’d be a mess and you’ll probably have to flip/adjust focus… but I bet you could get through it.

Anything more substantial? It’s going to get hard/impossible pretty quickly.


It’s sad, I’m disappointed to understand.
This Glowforge is much more limited than I thought …

Another question.
I take advantage, I see that the answers are fast! :slight_smile:
Do you know what is the maximum thickness to use the Passthrough Slot?


The specs have always stated it’s only rated for 1/4” material, like every other CO2 laser out there in the class (40-45 Watt).

Max passthrough is 1/4”


ok ok I did not pay enough attention.
On the other hand, it is not possible to insert a 1.4" material with passthrough.
The slot is far too small !


Sorry… that was 1/4" - meaning .25", or 6mm.


1/4” = 0.25”. Not 1.4”.


ok, ok excuse-me. I read too fast.
Thank you for your help.