Trial premium questions

So I was wondering does the trial premium include the free with premium designs on the catalogue?

Also noticed are the insert shape and textbooks a premium function? Thanks me and especially the wife were wondering

Text boxes sorry

I’ve moved your post to the Problems and Support category. I’m actually not sure if Support will see it since I moved it, but I hope so.

The “Free with Premium” designs are only available once you actually subscribe with a credit card. The shape and text tools are both premium features. If you hover your mouse over the buttons, they say “Insert shape (Premium)” and “Insert text (Premium)”.

Basically, if you don’t buy Glowforge Premium you are expected to do your design work in some other software (Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Silhouette Studio, etc) and then upload it to the Glowforge to print. Almost every feature that lets you do design work within the Glowforge web application is a Premium feature, including the clipart library, outline tool, stamp maker, puzzle maker, etc.


They won’t. Only posts originally created in P&S will generate a support ticket.


If you want to try them, you can add your CC info and cancel before the trial period ends. They won’t start charging your card before then.

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