Tried Microsoft Edge for Mac with GFUI

I know it’s not really a problem but it’s where people search for problems (but this also alerts support of this knowledge), so just letting folks know the new Microsoft Edge browser (which is really Chromium) works perfectly in my quick testing tonight… I mean it looks like chrome (because it basically is), so yeah. It imported all my chrome settings so basically started up into the GFUI like it always does. Upload was perfect and navigation and moving stuff around worked fine.


The only problem I had with edge was when right-clicking on a design/svg in this forum, it would not save it as an svg.

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What was it saving it as?

If I remember correctly, it was saving as a bmp…or a jpg…I was using edge when I first got my GF, lasted about 2 days until someone told me what the problem was and I switched to Chrome.

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Was just curious if it was a webp format. Shopify started doing in Chrome for images that people upload to my website, so I have to download the native image file via Safari. Super annoying (that’s all I use Safari for).

You made me go back and check, lol. It gives you only two options, bmp or png

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Real edge or new chromium edge? Classic edge was more like IE. new edge is chromium based (chrome)

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I’m sure it’s the classic… I’ve had it on this laptop for about 7 months.

New edge shipped this week

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Oh, and I’m running it on Mac…

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Glad they made a change… It was a data hog and had too many glitches…

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Thank you for sharing that information. That’s great news! I’ll make sure the team is informed about this.

I followed this but have to wonder… why did they (M$) bother, and why would anyone not just use Chrome?

Not being critical, it’s just confusing to me.

For companies it being under the OS it more tightly enforces MDM policies than chrome will.