Triskele Fun

From a post back in 2018, I got hooked on the idea of reverse engineering the geometry of a triskele. [thanks, @evansd2]. It’s easy to figure out how to generate the shapes, if you have any drafting experience. Since I need to get back my Illustrator skills, I decided to work it out in software.

I’ve put several of these together so far, and have two more waiting to be assembled. The earlier post suggested a paper weight of 80-100 lbs. I got a sheet of 80# paper and found it too resistant to being shaped due to the thickness of the sheet.

At a paper store, I showed the owner what I wanted to make, and she gave me several sheets to try out. I’m not sure what weight this paper is:

Lines were scored, teardrops were engraved.

Nice, but boring. I don’t have great hand graphics skill and don’t want to copy someone else’s work, so I thought I’d let the paper do the work:

This is from a papercrafting book of pattern papers I bought a few years ago. I didn’t know what to do with them back then, but I sure do now!

I get better as I go and they are fun to make. Now that I know just how to press and support the scores, I have no problems once I have the paper rings properly interlaced.

I know this design has been done a bunch before, but sometimes ‘old is new’. i’m going to make a bunch for friends for the holidays.

Edit: 2nd photo includes my cat, Sam, considering it as a cat toy. Too big, I think…and now I’m in trouble. I wonder how small i can make these…


those are really great!


Hi Sam!

Those are super cool, I really must try those. If you are into paper 3D Art, you should check out this site:

And here’s some more eye candy I stumbled across while searching for that link:


Thanks for the inspiration. These are lovely, and your friends will love getting them.


Two beautiful rabbit holes!


@cynd11 Oh, wow. Big rabbit hole!

@kelley1 I’ve always liked the triskeles, but never done one. Glad you brought the topic back to life!


So cool!


So awesome. Love the different patterns too. Thank you for the write up.


You’re welcome. I must make a video of how I did it. The one shown in the post I referenced at the beginning is a good starting point, but I’ve learned some subtle details that make it a snap.

@cynd11 Thanks for the links! As a weaver and laser lover, I find this very appealing. Yep, another wonderful rabbit hole. [There ought to be a badge for this.]


Glad you like it. Here’s one I finished this morning. Made from a map I’d picked up to do some decopage but never got a round tuit.

it did become a cat toy for a few minutes. Sam and I batted it back and forth until it went just out of his reach. Then, meh…


I love Triskeles - I just don’t know what to do with them once I’ve made them. You can only have so many hanging around the house!


Yes, please do a video!


Fun! Love the maps!


These are great. The map is my favorite!


Now you can blow minds by the way you wrap Christmas packages :partying_face:


Map for the win!

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@ptodd and @arh2 I’m pawing through my atlas right now. (Love the local used book store!)

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